AB #484 | 10 Keys to Achieving Success By Building Your Own Lifestyle Publishing Business

In this episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell gives you the 10 keys that will help building your lifestyle business in 2018. You might be one of those guys working to build a business working from home because you like the freedom, the lifestyle, and the vacations you can have. And, if you can even have your dream car in your garage, it's your wildest dreams turning out into reality.

James is a veteran Internet Marketer and a publishing company owner with around 20 years under his belt in areas of Internet marketing, affiliate marketing and podcasting. He is also the founder of The School of Internet Marketing where he hosts his 6 cornerstone courses which guide newbie marketers to goal achievement.

If you’re the type who already have your head into Internet marketing, but not seeing success; your revenues are not really flowing and you're foggy a bit on exactly what to do, this episode lays you down a road map and grants you the needed clarity.

Building Your Lifestyle Business That Works Even While You Sleep, in 2018

Just like Zig Ziglar defined a 7-step goal setting course which helped and inspired millions realize their dreams, James Martell lays a 10-step formula which when followed to the last detail would help building your lifestyle business during the coming year. He says when building your lifestyle business, selecting the right topic and creating a content calendar are the basic building blocks in order to lay down a strong foundation. If you focus on learning and executing the fundamentals and avoid the ‘shiny object syndrome’ that's so prevalent on the Internet, you really have such a great opportunity to win. You only need to give yourself some time to succeed.

Start A Publishing Company, Not an Affiliate Marketing Business

Don't be under the impression that you're starting an affiliate marketing business, there's really no such thing. What you're really doing here is, starting a publishing company. You're creating epic content that's really helpful to a group of people, your audience. You're then repurposing the content into various forms like booklets, slide presentations, audio video presentations and others. The goal really is; you want to get planted first, get established, and get things in order and going. Next, you want to be pursued, you want to be an influencer and be an expert on your topic. It is then you start applying to a bunch of affiliate programs from where you start earning your income.

Build A Virtual Team That’s Super Cost Effective

James helped one of his friends who's not good on the computer keyboard or using WordPress, to set up an account on Upwork, the #1 website to find high-talent low-cost freelancers. They hired a virtual assistant at $5/hour. The friend wanted her articles optimized and schedule them for publishing. The VA just took an hour and 15-minutes to get the job done. Total cost ...just $6.

This is how it works when you have a virtual team in place. It costs very little as compared to a real team in an office setting. You have a variety of talent at your disposal; be it graphics designers, audio-video editors, writers and others.

So listen now, start building your lifestyle business you’ve only dreamed of, which works 24/7.

The School of Internet Marketing

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to tackle the affiliate marketing musiness in 2018
  • Understanding the rationale behind selecting a topic and creating a content calendar
  • How to get accepted into these affiliate programs especially if you're just getting started
  • Why you should start an Internet publishing business, not an affiliate marketing business
  • Importance of focusing on the fundamentals and not getting distracted or caught up by shiny objects on the Internet
  • Importance of email marketing and list building
  • How to build a low-cost virtual team
  • Significance of becoming a student of business and giving yourself time to succeed

Greg Shepard Interviews:

These are the two premium Coffee Talk interviews with Greg Shepard, President and CEO of NetTraction, that James mentioned in this episode. These interviews, plus 90+ others are available to you with your FREE Membership to 'The School of Internet Marketing'.



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