Affiliate Buzz #166 – 10 Tips To Finding The Perfect Service Provider And At The Best Price

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz James Martell continues the discussion with his wife and co-host Arlene on outsourcing offering up 10 tips for finding the perfect Elance provider, and at the best price for your project.

James and Arlene discuss how outsourcing can make your business a breeze by finding providers to tackle the jobs out of your skill set and at an affordable price.

During this session you'll hear the top 10 tips for making your outsourcing experience a pleasant one. Among the ten tips you'll hear tips on payment, evaluating providers and ensuring a job well done.

Then James and Arlene move forward to dispel many of the myths that surround the area of outsourcing discouraging many beginners from the start.

Finally James wraps up this edition of the Affiliate Buzz by sharing ways to turn your tradeshow experience into a true, fun break-ation!

Listen to this edition of the Affiliate Buzz as James and Arlene talk about:

  • 10 tips for outsourcing
  • Dispelling myths on outsourcing
  • Turning tradeshow experience into break-ations

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