Affiliate Buzz #325 – 16 Incredible (& FREE) WordPress Plugins

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, hosts James and Arlene Martell offer up a list of plugins for webmasters of all kinds that provides the right tools to maintain an Affiliate Marketing Program or any website run by WordPress. Finding the right plugin can double or triple your optin rate.

James shares that these plugins are ones that he and Arlene use on their own sites, and that the handy tools make life a lot easier. Because a lot of the listeners perform similar tasks on their websites, James and Arlene share their list to save people the hassle of searching through tens of thousands of potential plugins.

Improve Functionality with Free Plugins

The episode kicks off with a short discussion dating back to the early years of affiliate marketing that really puts plugins in perspective. James describes the very first plugin they used in 2001 that continually evolved into the content management system they used until discovering WordPress.

The conversation then segues into the conditions that led them to transition over to WordPress versus continuing with their own system. Today WordPress helps publish more than 80 million websites and offers over 29,000 free plugins. As James states, there’s a plugin for anything you can think of. Here are some that he and Arlene find handy:

  • All-In-One Schema.Org Rich Snippets allows you to add extra information to your pages that will show up in hte search results.
  • AuthorSure makes it easier to get Google Authorship Verification on both single and multiple author sites.
  • ClickTale allows you to see everything visitors to your site do which allows you to reduce customer abandonment and improve conversion rates.
  • WP Maintenance Mode is described on the WordPress site as, “Adds a maintenance-page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down.”

James and Arlene discuss two useful plugins for helping build mailing lists. One plugin is not free, but is described as being able to turn your WordPress site "into a list-building machine in minutes". Although this plugin is the only one in the list that is not free, James does have a free alternative in the list that provides the same basic function.

Plugins for Special Features and Social Media

As James points out, having these plugins created from scratch could cost anywhere from $20 to $20,000 per plugin. Using free plugins saves money, but once they’re installed on your website, they help you generate more revenue. These plugins link up to social media networks and add special features that keep visitors coming back. The plugins include:

  • Jetpack was developed by the same people who created WordPress. It adds functionality to your site and connects your site and publishes to your social media networks.
  • Social Media Widget allows you to display really nice social media icons that allow you to link up to the appropriate network.
  • Bluberry PowerPress is a must for podcasters and includes web player options to display media on web pages along with full iTunes support.
  • Slide Show by Stefan Boonstra is a plugin that James and Arlene use on all their sites. It allows webmasters to input customizable slides for various types of media including text, photo, video, and animation.

Tune in to hear the entire podcast where James and Arlene discuss a total of sixteen different plugins that you can use to ramp up your WordPress site. Finding the plugins listed here is as easy as logging in to the dashboard of your WordPress site, selecting the option to add a plugin, and then typing the name in the search box.


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