Affiliate Buzz #224 – 4 Ways to Boost Your Visual Impact Without Breaking the Bank

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz podcast, James Martell, a successful publisher, speaker and author talks with his wife and cohost Arlene Martell about four ways to boost your visual impact without breaking the bank. These four ways are really cool, low-cost services and tools that James and Arlene have actually been using for a couple of months.

Prepare to be Amazed at What is Becoming Available

A decade ago, we did not have many online services available for affiliate marketing. Wow! How times have changed!! Also, whatever was available a decade ago was extremely specialized and quite expensive. Fast-forward ten years later and we have a brand new world of affordable affiliate marketing possibilities.

In this podcast, learn about how Arlene recently helped an Pre-built site owner create a podcast for her very first time. This was all new to the member but she was able to successfully create new podcasts for her website and business.

  • Dietary Changes – Easy Ways to Get Started Today!
  • Diet vs. Childhood Diseases – Does Diet Make A Difference?

There are also visual and cost-effective methods you can use to boost your business. What are these methods? This edition will provide insight into some techniques that you may not know about as you conduct your affiliate marketing business.

Boosting Your Visual Impact

Listen to this edition to understand why James and Arlene recommend the following tools. The first tool is, which provides site templates and themes. Themes are available for a variety of platforms including Emails, WordPress, Joomla and Magento. A second and very useful method of boosting your impact is through the use of audio. A great source of such content is

The third tool involves videos. Probably the coolest method for boosting your visual impact is through the services available at, which has tons of royalty-free video files. The fourth tool that James and Arlene discuss in this edition involves building a corporate image using the services at Join James and Arlene in their excitement about new ideas that you can use to make a bigger impact and create a greater presence for your business.

As a bonus, James and Arlene also discuss one more tool,, which provides royalty-free stock photography.

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz you will learn about:

  • Content management systems and dealing with themes
  • Sound effects, music and other audio components
  • The use of videos, photographs and the creation of a corporate image for your business
  • The Affiliate Summit 2012 in Las Vegas coming up on January 8th to 10th

Affiliate Buzz listeners can go to, create an account and do a quick search for “James Martell” and vote for two sessions that James and Arlene are offering.

Consider the advantage of boosting your visual impact. Listen to this edition of the Affiliate Buzz today as James and Arlene share their experience of using these tools to create pre-built websites. Send off an email to Arlene today if you require more information about pre-built websites.

And if you are...

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