Affiliate Buzz #323 – A Fresh Start – Really ‘Nailing It’ In 2014

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, hosts James and Arlene discuss the best ways to up your productivity level in 2014. Because this is a brand new year, there is no time like the present to get a fresh start and this episode can help you achieve that.

The episode kicks off with an update about the latest member of the Martell family, James and Arlene’s granddaughter who arrived just before the final 2013 episode of the Buzz. The hosts then segue into a brief chat about Affiliate Summit West, taking place this weekend.

In addition to offering tips to help affiliates make the most of attending, James suggests listening to the following episode of the Affiliate Buzz on the topic:

The Benefits of Outsourcing Everything

Next the discussion about an email Arlene received from a member of The School of Internet Marketing’s Daily Traffic Blueprint course. James says that the email is perfect for anyone looking to kick start their business in 2014.

James then explains that the email embodies the kernel of the idea that is the topic of this episode - outsourcing. While there are many reasons why people do not outsource, there are many benefits of delegating the work. Some that James and Arlene outsource discussed in this episode include:

  • content for new websites
  • technical support for WordPress
  • graphics for a postcard and letterhead
  • and so much more!

Next they talk about how outsourcing helps them work faster, produce more content, and save money. In fact, the Martells outsource so much that they use a project coordinator to manage their Elance account, where they delegate various projects to freelancers.

Spend a Little Money to Save a Lot of Time

Then the hosts dig into the costs for these types of projects. They specifically go into depth about a couple of projects including auto responders, DVD and eBook cover art. Some of the information they share about these projects include:

  • the benefits of hiring through Elance
  • what to look for in a freelancer
  • the specific instructions for the job
  • the price that the freelancer charged
  • and more!

Next James shares his personal motto, “Do what you do best, and outsource the rest.” There is no project too small to be outsourced to a freelancer, and you will not want to miss a minute of hearing how much easier life can be through outsourcing.

The episode wraps up with an invitation to the Outsourcing Essentials course at The School of Internet Marketing. The course consists of 5 one-hour videos that walk through outsourcing from posting the project initially to paying for the job once the work is received and approved.

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