James Martell, host of the Affiliate Buzz, has over a decade of experience as a full time internet marketing and wants you to know that content is still king. Coming up with fresh, unique content to put out on a consistent basis can be a struggle, however, for even the most motivated and creative webmasters.

In this Affiliate Buzz, James chats with Jonathan Goodman, founder and president of Halyard Consulting, about how you can quickly and easily come up with new and quality sources of content to achieve online success. Jonathan holds several business degrees and has been produced several websites for Fortune 500 Companies.

Getting Inspired by Attending and Speaking at Conferences

Jonathan is a returning guest and has also talked with James about Semantic Markup Language as well as Search Engine Marketing on Google on Affiliate Buzz. He starts off the talk by sharing a bit about a one day conference he recently attended, Web Marketing Summit in Vermont. Much was discussed at the event, including:

  • “SEO efforts that really, truly matter”
  • Penguin and Panda algorithm changes with Google

James has also attended many conferences. He talks about the very first conference he attended in Santa Barbara with Commission Junction University. Now, he attends several per year and speaks at events as well.

Jonathan uses http://Lanyard.com to find events where he can speak. The service integrates with social media and makes it incredibly simple to stay up to date with events that are looking for speakers. He now speaks at about 6 conferences per year.

Finding New Sources of Content at Industry Events

Affiliates are always in need of content. Conferences can be a great place to find new sources of great content and get inspired.

Jonathan, for example, records his own presentations and then goes back and has them transcribed into articles for his websites. He puts several hours of research into producing his presentations, so of course it makes sense to get as much use out of that content as possible!

How Can Listeners Glean Content from These Sources?

Even if you don’t speak at conferences, you can still use the information shared to produce fantastic content for your own website.

Many conferences actually release sessions for free in video or audio format. With the amount of detail and thought that goes into presenting this information, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this content-rich resource. James and Jonathan share how to do just that - without plagiarising or behaving unethically.

Podcasting is more popular than ever - you can find podcasts on pretty much any topic imaginable. James shares a couple of resources to find podcasts that deal with your specific niche. He also shares tips for outsourcing this process by hiring a writer to create content based off of podcasts as well.

This isn’t about “stealing” content or plagiarising anything - the methods James and Jonathan share all give full credit to the podcaster while keeping the content unique for your own purposes.

The pair touches on using some of the same methods to write Ebooks. Ebooks can be another lucrative income source for webmasters, though creating them can be a challenge. Repurposing your existing content streamlines the process.

Jonathan concludes the talk by talking about how he’s using directories as another source of both content and income.

Halyard Consulting is an internet marketing firm that helps companies achieve higher search engine rankings through backlinks and content management through WordPress.


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