A Tribute to the Life and Career of James Martell

A Message From WebMasterRadio.FM:

On September 27th, we here at WebmasterRadio.FM lost one of our show hosts, James Martell, who died tragically due to a brain aneurysm. He had hosted the Affiliate Buzz program since 2010, accompanied by his wife and co-host Arlene. James had been widely recognized as a pillar in the affiliate marketing industry for well over a decade.

His wife Arlene and Kimberly Juchnowski pay tribute to his life and career in what will be the final broadcast of the Affiliate Buzz. We listen to messages of tribute from his friends and peers and some choice clips from previous episodes.

WebmasterRadio.FM and all of those associated with the Affiliate Buzz would like to thank you for your support and listenership of this program throughout the years. Thank you for being a part.

A Message From Arlene

How do you say goodbye and fit 39 years of loving someone into a short letter of appreciation? I know James would want me to truly live a joyful life, so I will remember all the good times we had together, and when I am sad, remember that I have many amazing memories, and many friends and family to support me.

James and I met in 1979 when we both worked at Venus pizza in Surrey. When I saw him, I said “That’s the guy I am going to marry”. He didn’t stand a chance after that. We were 17 and 18 years old and got to go to high school graduation together.

He likes to joke that when he met me, I had my own apartment, a brand new Honda Civic, I could get into the liquor store and I had $5000 in the bank. What’s not to love?  Joking aside, we didn’t know then, the many adventures we would share together, and the amazing children and grand children that we would become the center of our lives. On September 1st, 1984 we got married and just celebrated 34 years of marriage together.

Then came the babies! It was always my dream to have a big family and we were so excited when Adam was born in 1987, then Justin in 1988, Shelby in 1990, and Victoria in 1995. We had two pregnancies that ended in miscarriage, and I will bet you that James is up there holding those babies and bragging that he got to meet them first.

James was a journeyman carpenter in the early days, and the kids fondly remember taking him his lunch when he worked close by. James just loved the kids and even though we didn’t have a lot of money, we had a lot of fun.

Parenting brought on a whole new challenge when Adam developed a severe seizure disorder when he was 4. Boy did we ever have to learn patience and compassion! James started to work from home trying to make a living on the internet. We have had some crazy businesses and learned to ride the wave of online marketing. A lot of highs and many lows, but we always supported each other and pushed through the hard times.

In business, James was absolutely brilliant, and could figure out what was trending long before it happened. Before long, he was a super star online, coaching thousands of people on how to make money, writing numerous books, creating amazing courses and speaking at seminars all over the world.

James and I hosted “The affiliate buzz” podcast which was the longest running podcast in the industry where we recently recorded the 512th episode. I am still shocked at the hundreds of messaged I am getting expressing people’s appreciation for all James has done for them. I put just a sample on the wall.

People were naturally drawn to James, because he was very honest and when he worked with you, you were the most important person. He shared all his secrets, gave his time generously and was always pushing other people to succeed and not give up on their dreams.

Speaking of dreams, when James was 42, he put his dream car in the garage. It was of course that Shelby Cobra. If you look at the photo album on the memory table, you will see that he actually threw an elaborate party at a golf and country club when that car arrived. We had about 100 guests and it was the first “car reveal” party for everyone.

James and I traveled extensively because of the Affiliate marketing industry, and we took our kids on many wonderful vacations and cruises. We have always felt very fortunate to have been able to teach our kids that time with family and experiencing the world was just as important as sitting in a classroom. We often took the kids out of school for 3 weeks at a time to go somewhere, much to the frustration of the teachers!

James and I were also very blessed that our kids brought all their friends home to hang out. We have watched these kids all graduate, bring all their BMW’s to our place, and now a bunch of them are married, and they are like an extended family to us.

I have to say, without a doubt, the old saying rings true.

“If we had known how much fun grandchildren would be, we would have had them first!”. I think James went a little baby crazy when the grandkids came along. He was obsessed with them, and always wanted them to come over. Whenever a new picture appeared, I felt sorry for his Sawbucks friends, because they could not escape the endless barrage of baby pictures. There was nothing he would not do for his grandkids. He melted when they were around.

Yes, James has left us much too soon. We did not get any warning, and it is hard to say goodbye, when we never got to actually say goodbye in person. The world has lost a truly one of a kind person. When it was announced that he passed away, the outpouring of support was incredible, but no one can believe it actually happened. It just does not seem true and heart breaking not to have more time with him.

I am so very thankful for the time we shared together. We had a very blessed life and there is not one day moving forward that I will not think of him and wish he were here for one of those big bear hugs. I pray that the love we had for each other inspires others to seek the same.

I am thankful that there are thousands of audios out there so I can hear his voice any time I miss him.

I am thankful for our 4 children who are all amazing and have the family values we tried to teach them. There is absolutely no doubt that each one of them will make sure I am well taken care of.

Although God called James up earlier than any of us expected, I know from my very strong faith, that we do not get to decide and there is a bigger plan in place. James will be at peace and watching over us.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Thank YOU! From the bottom of my heart...

I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who faithfully listened to the Buzz!  It is because of you that James was successful. Without you, we could not have developed the training. I wish each one of you continued success in the Affiliate business.  I have been very grateful for all the messages of support, and the stories of how James helped launch your business.

This was the hardest podcast I ever had to do.

“I love you James and look forward to the day we can be together again. Until then, say hi to Elvis and Carrol Shelby for me”.

Your loving wife,



MY Life Moving Forward

I could not imagine having to start over at age 57 without James. Affiliate marketing was James dream, his passion, his mission. He loved it. He loved getting on the phone and coaching people. He loved creating courses and trainings. He was so good at it and loved to hear from people that he was able to get started in the business and become successful. Giving back was something he did without thought.

I have supported James for over 20 years to fulfill his dream. But it is not my dream. I know a lot, but will be taking a few months to figure out what my dream is. When James died, so did my income. He was the guy that made it all happen.  He just finished a few courses, and with the help of Matt Frary, we hope to still get those courses out there for anyone.  A Gofundme account was generously set up to help me over the next year get settled and figure out what I would like to do.  I love people, so want to use what I have learned to help others - just in a different way.

Love to you all.



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