AB #485 | Build an Advocacy Website to Share Your Story, with Arlene Martell, Author of Getting Adam Back

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James and Arlene Martell talk about advocacy websites and sharing the knowledge and information about a specialized subject you have advanced knowledge about.  Arlene shares her story of building her own advocacy website from her own knowledge and experience, and shares how you can do the same.

Our Story and The Story of Adam

At age 4 Adam had his first seizure which quickly escalated into Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy. Having tried 6 different medications and experimental meds, Adam continued to deteriorate, having hundreds of absence seizures a day, and tonic clonic convulsive seizures 4-5 times a week plus drop seizures. It was heart-wrenching to watch him go through this, until at age 8, we found the Ketogenic diet. Within days, Adam was completely seizure free, off all his medications, and starting to learn and enjoy life again. Today, Adam is 30 years old, and we are forever thankful for having found the diet that saved his life.

Who are you an Advocate For? Do You Have a Story To Tell?

An advocate is defined as "a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy." For us, we quickly realized that other families who have children with epilepsy, did not know about the diet, and doctors are not willing to even discuss it with parents as an option. This information, so life-changing, could not be kept a secret, which is why the ebook was written.

When we shared our story, we had countless stories pouring in from other parents who had never heard about the Ketogenic diet. They are looking for hope, from someone who has been in the same situation before them, understand their struggle and have come through with a successful outcome.

Who Can Benefit From Your Knowledge?

More people than you may think! If you have had challenges, and can help others by sharing your story - do it! It is rewarding far more than you can imagine. It is sometimes tough to share your story, but always remember, others are looking for answers to the same problem, and what you can share could be life-changing for them.

How Can You Truly Help Others?

Start with an advocacy website and write blogs. I wrote a book, which shared our story, and I give it away for free, but you could sell it as well. We also did a limited number of podcasts, because interviewing someone on their area of expertise is extremely powerful when you hear their story in their own words.

In This Episode You Learn:

  • What is an advocacy website
  • The benefits of building an advocacy website
  • The personal story of Adam and our family's struggles
  • What is the Ketogenic diet
  • How a podcast is beneficial to accompany your website
  • What kind of content you need for an advocacy website
  • Why you need courage to actually make it happen
  • Why being an advocate can make massive change in the lives of others

Want To Build An Advocacy Website?

If you do not know where to start, we can help. We can interview you, and create an amazing website for you, to help you get your story out there. Give us a call at 604-542-0747 or email me (helpdesk@jamesmartell.com) and let's discuss your idea.


  • EpilepsyMoms.com - Where you can find 7 episodes of my podcast, and a FREE download to my ebook "Getting Adam Back - A Mother's Triumph Over Epilepsy and Autism".
  • TheCharlieFoundation.org - Resources on the Ketogenic diet, recipes and a link to hospitals who administer the diet.


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