Affiliate Buzz #254 – How To Build An iPhone App

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz audio newsletter James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author talks with Brad Waller, vice president of development at

Brad is a true pioneer in the affiliate industry launching the first custom classifieds online at Brad shares his story beginning in early 1994, pre-Amazon and Craigslist as he launched his online classifieds, his discovery on monetizing the site and building out his business.

More recently Brad spotted the trend in technology the online world and the ever growing popularity of smart phones and tablets mobile technologies including the explosion in smartphone "Apps". He recognized business owners looking to stay competitive online could create an App of their own with a little help. This led to the creation and launch of, a popular tool that let's you create your own smartphone app.

The term "Apps" means a variety of things to different people. For some the first thing that comes to mind is games and interactive entertainment. Others consider book readers or maps. Brad shares the wide array of apps, what they offer business owners and affiliates as well as the creativity and flexibility behind their creation.

Now with robust software through the website you can design, create and test your own app free of charge. Plus, when you're ready you can launch your app for the iPhone and the Droid all for less than $500. Don't have time? Then outsource your app idea for custom creation.

Covered in this edition

  • What are smart device apps
  • Types of apps and how they work
  • Ways to monetize your app
  • Building your own app like the pros

Whether you want to build an app for fun or launch an app to build your business you can take advantage of this new and improved technology to your benefit. Just listen it to learn how smart device apps can start working for you.

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