Affiliate Buzz #277 – *Important* Changes to Anchor Text Rules

James Martell, host of the Affiliate Buzz, wants you to know how important high quality backlinks are if you want to achieve high rankings in the SERPs. With Google’s ongoing changes, it’s critical to stay on top of what’s working.

In this edition of Affiliate Buzz, he and Arlene, James’s wife and co-host, talk about the new rules of anchor text since Google’s big Panda and Penguin updates as well as an exciting, limited-time offer for 5 free PAD articles for webmasters looking to build high-quality backlinks.

Working From Home – Flexibility for Unexpected Emergencies

Arlene is returning to the show as co-host after a 3-week absence, and starts off the episode by talking about what’s been keeping her so busy. The Christmas season is quickly approaching, of course, which adds a lot to every mom’s to-do list. Not so pleasant, however, is one of the other reasons Arlene has been busy: their daughter, Victoria, was recently in a car accident.

No parent want to get that phone call! Arlene tells the story, mentioning, “Thank goodness we work from home. James and I were in our vehicle and on the scene of the accident within about two minutes.” Thankfully, nobody involved was hurt. The process of dealing with insurance and finding a new car for Victoria has taken up a lot of time, so the ability to have control over their schedule is something the Martell family is thankful for this week.

The Business of Backlinks

James and Arlene have worked from home together for over a decade, and for the past couple of years a big part of their business is building backlinks for clients through their Professional Article Distribution (PAD) system. Their ongoing work in this area gives them plenty of hands-on insight to what’s working – and what’s not – with the anchor text being used to build backlinks.

James describes the approach that they've been taking for the last few years with the PAD system:

  • Identify unique anchor text keywords for the website.
  • Insert 1-2 of these keywords into a well-written, professional article.
  • Distribute articles to quality, high-ranking websites that allow guest posts.

This approach has proven to be very successful as the Martells go about building backlinks to their own and their clients’ websites. Recently, however, James has noticed that the sites that are doing the best are those where one important change is made to this system.

James talks about this change and how webmasters can implement it in their own backlinking strategies.

Changes to the Anchor Text Rules

James and Arlene further discuss the PAD system strategies and how it has worked for them over the past few years. They talk further in detail about some of the situations that can come up with their team as they produce, edit, and distribute the articles they use.

The Martells don’t just use the PAD system to build backlinks to their own websites – they also do the same for clients as well. As a part of this service, they are currently offering a promotion – The “Taxman Special” for webmasters to receive 5 professionally written, high-quality PAD articles, free of charge.

They’ll handle everything from getting the article written to having it published, giving you 5 incredibly high-quality backlinks to your website at no cost to you. Listen in to find out how to take advantage of this offer. This offer is the perfect way to stay on top of the new anchor text rules discussed in this podcast.

On a final note, this season marks the 10 year anniversary of Affiliate Buzz anniversary. The first episode was recorded in a hotel room – 3 years before the term “podcast” was even coined. Tune in to the next edition of Affiliate Buzz to hear the rest of the story. 😉


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