Affiliate Buzz #278 – Celebrating 10 Years of Affiliate Buzz – A Look Back to the Early Days of Podcasting

James Martell, host of the Affiliate Buzz, has been podcasting since before the word “podcast” even existed! In this edition of Affiliate Buzz, James and Arlene Martell celebrate 10 years running as the hosts of the Affiliate Buzz podcast.

Listen in as they share the story of how it all got started as well as some of the memories that have been made over the past decade as they’ve worked online full-time with tremendous success.

A Family Tradition Inspired by Travel

As James points out, a common passion among affiliate marketers seems to be a love of travel. The Martells are definitely no exception – they have enjoyed travelling all over the world thanks to affiliate marketing, enjoying frequent “break-ations” as they attend conferences and other industry events.

As a result, Arlene has developed the habit of collecting Christmas ornaments from all of the different places they have visited. This habit has developed into a well-loved family tradition. James and Arlene talk about how much fun it is to think back on all of the places they’ve been able to see as they hang the ornaments on the tree each year.

A Desire To Teach Others About Affiliate Marketing

James and Arlene’s efforts to teach, inform, and inspire others interested in affiliate marketing didn’t start out with podcasting. They actually began by offering a weekly training in their local area each Wednesday.

The two go on to talk about how this weekly course was very successful, so successful that it was actually too busy for them to keep up with. So they decided to write an ebook that would offer the same information to others wanting to learn more about affiliate marketing, without having to actually be present to do the teaching.

Publishing Online is Easier Than Ever Before!

Publishing the ebook was a process – much more complicated than it is today, James explains. Initially they thought they’d be spending about a month or two on the project, but it ended up taking over 6 months when all was said and done. James tells the story of how the ebook launched without a lot of action, and then suddenly exploded with multiple sales out of the blue much later.

A similar theme came to be with the process of publishing the podcast – it was initially a pretty time intensive process to just get one episode published:

  • Shows were scheduled for the 1st and 15th of every month.
  • They would have to arrange a conference call with the operator to have it recorded.
  • The operator would upload the file to the FTP server for them to download.
  • Dennis would add the intro and outro and perhaps edit as necessary.

The group would have to create a low speed and high speed streaming file as well as well as one available for download – this was before high-speed internet and MP3s were the norm!

Now, it’s all so much easier, thanks to vast advances in software and the Internet in general. As James puts it, “All we have to do is show up.” since partnering with Webmaster Radio.

Listen in as James and Arlene share the story of getting the first couple of episodes recorded and published. The first episodes are actually still online! The second show was recorded from Maui on James and Arlene’s first vacation as affiliates after 15 years without one.

If you would like to hear the earliest shows they are all queued up for you on the link below:

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  • Affiliate Buzz #2 – Aloha from Maui – How to Understand Keywords to Free Your Time and Grow Your Income


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