Affiliate Buzz #280 – Amy Ely, 2013 Exceptional Merchant Award Winner

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing and leading expert in the field of Affiliate Marketing, hosts another great episode of the Affiliate Buzz, which is a popular podcast series and filled with valuable information for affiliates and anyone looking to build their online business.

In this particular episode, James sits down to chat with Amy Ely, who is the Ecommerce Acquisition Manager at Amy was just recently honored at the 2013 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards with the Exceptional Merchant award. This prestigious award puts the spotlight on the person with exceptional performance in affiliate marketing.

Recognizing the Honor

Amy talks about what an honor it was to win this award and how grateful she is to be singled out for this year’s accomplishments, especially since there are some brilliant members in the industry working alongside her.

As they talk, you will hear about the valuable and exciting chats and speakers that both James and Amy experienced, and how excited they are to share what they have learned.

Amy also has some advice to share that she has learned through her years of experience and dedication to the world of affiliate marketing, hoping to help anyone who is looking to start or expand their affiliate marketing business.

A Little Insight for Building Relationships with Affiliates

Listen in to hear what a leading expert looks for in an affiliate who contacts her to create a business relationship. You will hear how she looks for brand imaging and if that will be a good fit for their program, and whether or not they have extreme views on their site, as well as if their site is active and current with relevant material.

Also, you will hear how social media can play a significant role in building affiliate relationships and what to look for in their social media pages.

You will also learn valuable questions that should be asked when speaking with affiliates, such as:

  • What product launches and promotions are coming up in the next month or two?
  • What are your top performers?
  • What are your top converting pages on your site?

James and Amy also talk about how often you should have these valuable conversations and what impact it can have your business and how it can generate significant business on both ends.

Content Scheduling and Paying Attention to Holidays

Find out why top affiliates in the industry, those who have a successful track record, map out plans for developing content and the importance of scheduling it for your site in advance. Amy will explain to you why this is important and how it can help build your business and relationship with others.

Learn how far out you should plan your site content and what to expect for optimum growth in your business with opportunities that arise with events and special holidays.

Common Denominators in Top Affiliates

Another valuable tip Amy shares with you is the most common denominators you see in top affiliates…those who have already found success in their field. Some of these include:

  • Affiliates who engage with advertisers
  • Those who focus on promotions
  • People who update their sites regularly with relevant content

Listen in to hear what type of content will convert more visitors into customers.

But, most of all…take a peek into the world of an award winning expert in the industry to see what you can do to give your business a jolt into success!

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