Affiliate Buzz #281 – Affiliate Marketers BootCamp – 2013

James and Arlene Martell are successful online business experts, with many successful systems already in place, including Coffee Talk podcasts, top-selling Affiliate Marketers Handbook, and now The School of Internet Marketing. They know the business, inside and out…and love to share their tips and advice so others can also enjoy a successful career as well.

In this episode, James and Arlene talk about previous experiences with bootcamps they have participated in, or conducted, in their journey to success within their Internet careers. However their main focus in their discussion today is their new Affiliate Marketer’s Bootcamp.

They explain how the Affiliate Marketer’s Bootcamp is a wonderful solution for those who prefer to sit in live courses, as well as those who don’t have the time or finances to travel and sit for them. With the ability to go with digital recording, these courses can be joined at any time….at your own leisure and comfort in your own time.

The Inspiration for Affiliate Marketers Bootcamp

James’ Affiliate Marketers Handbook was a huge success. However, with the ever-changing world of technology, it needed to be revised…and often, which was a great deal of work.

So, in order to keep current with their shared information, they decided to go digital…and Affiliate Marketers BootCamp was born!

How it Works

You will hear how online conferencing has helped James and Arlene share their wealth of information with others, and how you can participate in continuous education with information-packed courses.

Anyone around the world can join, from the comfort of their own home, if they choose to not travel. However, you will hear how you can still participate with various Q&A times, chat, and even a private Facebook group.

Listen in to see what this great learning environment has to offer you!

A Series of Lessons

James and Arlene go on to talk about the many lessons they have to offer…currently, a 14-lesson series, including a Meet and Greet.

James talks about how much you will learn if you go through all the lessons, especially if you don’t skip through any of them. Take a quick peek at what you can learn, such as how to:

  • Have a beautiful affiliate marketing site
  • Get merchants loaded in your site to generate income
  • Have exceptionally well-written content
  • Place wonderful graphics on your site
  • Install Google analytics to help keep track valuable information for your business

Everything you need to get started!

But, again, James expresses that you shouldn't cheat yourself out of vital information by skipping ahead through lessons. Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn from the professionals who have paved the road to success for those coming up in the field.

And there’s More…

James and Arlene talk about how everything is integrated, including The School of Internet Marketing, so you can get maximum information for a great jumpstart to a new career, or a wonderful boost to an existing one!

No excuses now, because you can do this on your own time, rather than spending the time and money on booking flights and hotel

Learn how to get started now with the Meet and Greet, Coffee Talk podcasts, The School of Internet Marketing, and so much more… from those with a successful record in affiliate marketing.

Listen in NOW to get started on your path to success and freedom!

Note: The open house mentioned in this audio has passed, there will be more open houses in the future so stay tuned to the Buzz to hear when the next one is being held...however you can still join today to get started today on the link above.  🙂


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