Affiliate Buzz #286 – Social Media Graphics – Cheat Sheets

James Martell, host of the Affiliate Buzz, and his wife Arlene have over a decade of experience and success in online businesses. They share their wealth of knowledge in various venues, including podcast episodes.

In this particular episode, James and Arlene address social media graphics, which can really boost your page and create a very professional presence. They have a lot of experience in working with these graphics for their own sites, as well as for clients. So, tune in to hear how you can utilize the amazing world of Social Media to enhance your business with professional graphics.

Utilizing the various social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ is great when hoping for significant growth for an online… or even offline business. However, graphics play a large role in any website page in keeping a reader’s attention. So, you will want to hear what James and Arlene have to say about them.

James starts with one of the biggest challenges of creating graphics, and that is keeping up with the various sizes. They also share how they have worked with graphic designers who are top notch in the business and have done some really great work, such as for the site, and how the branding is carried through to the various Social Media pages.

Cover Art Dimensions

James and Arlene share the various dimensions that come into play for the social medias. This is important to know, especially when you hire the work out to a freelancer. And, you will hear how they often use contractors at sites such as Elance, for a very reasonable price.

They share the dimensions of cover art, or the big header that you see on top of Facebook and other Social Media pages. Here are some specifics for a few of the Social Medias that you might want to work with:

  • Facebook (851px x 315px)
  • Twitter (1252px x 626px)
  • Google+ (2120px x 1192px)
  • LinkedIn (646px x 220px)
  • Spreaker (985px x 275px)

Now, as a point of reference, when you are looking at these dimensions, they are measured as width by height. While there are other options, these are ideal for the cover art on each page. Actually, the Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet can be found here.

You can also find great samples of these graphics on the Social Media outlet Spreaker, which hosts podcasts for various business owners, including another of James for The School of Internet Marketing. James mentions that if you do a search on for “OMT Wired Up” you will find exceptional graphics for one of their coaching students, Ivan Hoe. Another example would be Winnie Lee’s “Positive Vibes” on Spreaker.

Tips and Advice when working with Graphics

You will hear from James and Arlene how they learned a few valuable tips in their many ventures in ordering graphics for themselves, as well as many clients. Listen in to learn what should be included in graphics, such as a smiling face to introduce you, a name, bullet points of information about the business, and possibly a tagline.

They use the example of Peter Stolting, of, of someone who has all the right information in his graphics.

James and Arlene also go on to discuss common mistakes that are made with graphics, such as being too busy with information overload.

Tune in now to learn all you need to know in getting professional graphics, at a reasonable price, to help boost your business’s growth!


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