Affiliate Buzz #287 – Advertisers: How to “Reactivate” Dormant Affiliates

James Martell, host of the Affiliate Buzz, often shares his years of experience, online business background, and successful tips and information so that other people might also find success in affiliate marketing.

In today’s episode James sits down for an information-packed show with special guest, Carolyn Kmet from All Inclusive Marketing and longtime industry veteran of the affiliate marketing industry. Carolyn has an extensive background in all aspects of affiliate marketing and brings to the table a wealth of information.

When you tune in you will hear them discuss strategies on how to reactivate affiliates and get the attention of those who have become dormant. James and Carolyn discuss reasons why an affiliate might become dormant, such as being sidetracked by other work. In other words, they aren’t inactive necessarily because they have given up or don’t care. Carolyn then goes on to discuss what an activation program is, which is finding ways to grab their attention again to make it work.

Various Incentives for Reaching Out

You will hear how an activation program can have a variety of incentives, to entice an affiliate back in and gain their interest in working with you. Some of these incentives include the following:

  • Increased commission
  • Pay per post
  • Giveaways and samples

Carolyn goes on to say that they are open to new ideas that will gain the interest of affiliates who have seemingly lost interest, or was sidetracked along the way. You will hear creative ideas on how to reach out to everyone.

For example, with, they let them know that whoever drove in the most sales would get a complete styling consultation. They took it a step further by entering everyone who delivered at least one sale into a drawing for a $100 gift card. She explains how this kept it fair for those just starting out, as well as those who delivered a high amount of sales.

The Results are in and UP!

Carolyn then goes on to share the success of just that one program. They saw an 80% activation rate from their list of dormant affiliates, which is phenomenal, right? Out of those who reactivated, 25% of those who drove in at least one sale had done so for the first time. So, you will learn how to drive in more…and NEW business with these great ideas for activation programs.

They also compared the sales for this particular group to the sales one month, to the exact same group’s sales the month before. With the promotion, there was an increase of 150% in dollar amount, and over 1000% in traffic…quite impressive!

Tune in now to learn what this can mean for your business!


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