Affiliate Buzz #291 – What Is Up with @LiveSuperFoods?

itunesIn this episode of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell and publisher Kimberly Juchnowski discuss concerns about Commission Junction and their merchants, such as

Kimberly is also James Martell’s project coordinator, as well as an avid world traveler and tries to take off for a few months each year. Her adventures not only satisfy her urge to explore new places, but also allow her new insight for her website which is dedicated to introducing people to new destinations and providing information about them.

The Importance of Communication in Affiliate Marketing is, by all appearances, a traditional merchant with more than 1,000 products in its online store. However when Kimberly had difficulty communicating with them towards the end of 2012, some of the problems included:

  • Messages to the affiliate went unanswered, even when posted to social media sites like Twitter
  • An email with detailed questions received a curt reply after a long wait time
  • The answers given in the emailed reply did not fully answer the questions in the original email
  • Emails are signed with “LiveSuperFoods” which fails to offer any type of personal business relationship

The problems have been so harrowing that Kimberly has even suggested to James that they find a new merchant!

Finding the Causes behind the Communication Problems

One point Kimberly makes is that if a company as large as is having this much trouble communicating with their affiliate marketers, then why do they have an affiliate marketing program in the first place? Poor communication can lead to the following:

  • The affiliate may feel like the company they are promoting does not care.
  • The affiliate may feel like the company would rather sell the stuff on their own.
  • The affiliate may feel like the company will not work with them when they have questions or need something.

James and Kimberly also discuss website content, potential solutions, and how things turned around with once they finally began communicating with Kimberly.

Tune in now to listen to the entire conversation, and learn some tips to help solve your own affiliate marketing problems.


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