Affiliate Buzz #292 – Is Affiliate Marketing is Dead? No, The Google Affiliate Network Is Dead.

itunesIn this episode of Affiliate Buzz host, James Martell, talks with Matt Frary, the founder and CEO of Smarter Chaos, and Carolyn Kmet, the VP of Performance Marketing for All Inclusive Marketing about the surprise closure of the Google Affiliate Network.

Hear thoughts from the professionals about what’s next for internet marketers who relied on the Google program as a way to increase their bottom line. For example, Matt explains that instead of taking a tragic view of the situation to look for opportunity amidst the chaos.

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

This is a good question, and one that James and his guests tackle head-on. As Matt explains, people have tossed the questions around since 2000, any time that something implodes within the affiliate marketing world.

He goes on to share that while a loss like an industry giant like Google does leave a gaping hole, it is a prime example of why affiliate marketers should avoid hitching their advertising to one network. Some other things they discuss include:

  • Some reasons why they think Google may have taken this step
  • Ramifications of waking up and finding yourself out of a job
  • How affiliates are handling the current situation and their options
  • Strategies to put into place so you know the next step to take

Carolyn offers further advice for merchants such as contacting your affiliates directly and letting them know you will have a solution as soon as possible, and providing your direct contact information. Next she suggests coming up with a plan for future marketing, and finally to come up with some sort of incentive for affiliates to take care of your program first.

The Importance of Innovation

This is a topic on which Matt wrote at length on his blog at Smarter Chaos,  and in today’s Affiliate Buzz episode he goes into some more detail. Some of the exclusive information he shares includes:

  • Why this can be a difficult industry for advertisers to navigate
  • Why so many advertisers and merchants trusted the -Google brand
  • The importance of learning the industry before finding a traffic source

Matt warns that linking up to a single network and settling in there, and using only one network to advertise is a bad idea – and this latest situation with Google is the perfect example of why. He suggests finding software that works for you and using different strategies that you might not get from larger networks.

While Carolyn does agree that marketers need to use the affiliate that works best for them, she adds that merchants need to take charge of their own innovation. Instead of depending on an affiliate to do all the work, merchants should only rely on the affiliate for the information necessary to make their own decisions.

Whether your marketing strategy was hit by Google’s decision or you are just getting started in the industry, tune in now to take advantage of the valuable insight this trio of industry experts has to offer!


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