Affiliate Buzz #294 – ViewBix, A Video Marketing Supercharger

itunesIn this episode of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell discusses tips and strategies to supercharge your video marketing with Adam Riemer, an Online Marketing Strategist. Specifically they discuss a tool called ViewBix and they also touch on using YouTube for video marketing as well.

The founder of Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC ,, which handles e-commerce, marketing, strategy, and sales, Adam has over ten years of online marketing experience and is a trusted source in his field. He is often booked to speak on topics such as affiliate marketing, email optimization, and conversion rate optimization at venues internationally.

How to Supercharge Your Internet Videos

Adam represents a tool called ViewBix which he was introduced to a few years ago at an Affiliate Summit. He found the tool so impressive that what began as a request to turn a blog review at Adam’s site turned into Adam’s offer to market the product.

ViewBix allows you to take any video from your website or video hosting service (like YouTube or Vimeo) and use the ViewBix player to do the following:

  • Engage viewers with interactive features
  • Add apps to existing videos
  • Drive calls to action
  • Add coupons, Skype, and Google Maps
  • Change the font, colors, and logos
  • Share on social media, mobile, and web platforms

One company that uses ViewBix is Paramount Pictures. When promoting the Katy Perry movie they created a ViewBix video that allowed viewers to type in their zip code to find all the theaters selling tickets to that movie. The ViewBix app actually allowed people to buy movie tickets while watching the promotional video.

Why YouTube and ViewBix Make a Great Pair

Founded in 2005, YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows users to upload, share, and browse videos. ViewBix and YouTube make a great pair because as one of the most popular video sharing websites on the internet, YouTube is the perfect platform in which to share videos enhanced with ViewBix tools and features. Here are the statistics that James shared towards the beginning of the episode.

  • 800 million unique visitors visit YouTube each month
  • Over 4 billion videos used every day on YouTube
  • People watch 1 billion views each day on YouTube mobile
  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 25% of global YouTube use comes from mobile devices
  • 500 years of YouTube videos are watched every day on Facebook
  • Over 700 YouTube videos are shared on YouTube every single minute

As you can see, despite being less than a decade old, YouTube is very big deal. Used properly, it can be a lucrative tool for the purpose of internet marketing through social media networks. For example, Adam shot a video at a Kristen Chenoweth concert and then shared it through social media via YouTube.

After sharing through Facebook and Twitter, it immediately gained 1,000 views! Then Adam was able to sell CDs and tickets for her concerts, and even point back to her social media sites by using the video.

Tune in now to find out more about how you can use ViewBix to enhance your YouTube videos, or any other videos! These tips are useful for affiliate marketers, product salespeople, or anyone looking for new ways get their videos noticed.


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