Affiliate Buzz #295 – Impact Radius – Game Changing Technology

itunesIn this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell speaks with Todd Crawford, one of the original founders of Commission Junction and the co-founder of Impact Radius. The two discuss the game changing technology offered by Impact Radius and how it can help advertisers, affiliates, and advertisers.

While this is Todd’s first appearance on Affiliate Buzz, James first met Todd in 2002 when he attended his very first Commission Junction University. The two have kept in touch over the years and are excited to be sharing how Impact Radius is making a stir in the industry.

Impact Radius – From Concept to Completion

Todd first got into the industry when it was young and fast-moving. After leaving Commission Junction in 2006, he worked for a couple of different companies within the industry. But then at the begin of 2008 spent two years with the other co-founders at Impact Radius talking with industry workers to get an idea of what type of technology or different technologies could make life easier for them.

The end result was Impact Radius, a program that offers a suite of tools that requires just one login. James was first introduced to Impact Radius was in 2010 at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, where Todd was demonstrating and showing off the new piece of technology. James recalls that he immediately recognized it as being different than what the industry was accustomed to using.

The primary products that Impact Radius offers include:

  • Partner Manager – manages affiliates or other media partners
  • Tag Management Solution – deploys and manages tags across your entire site
  • Media Attribution Tool – gain insights into how your marketing channels interact
  • Call Tracking Tool – track performance by partner and source, or drive pay-per-call results

…as well as other solutions for marketers trying to improve their bottom line, agencies with needs related to things like outsourcing, and media partners wishing to connect with well-known brands.

How Impact Radius Differs from Other Platforms

Todd shares that an affiliate network is a media company that receives a piece of the action as a result from helping advertisers and media partners find each other and work together. Affiliate networks are tied either to the sales or commissions. Impact Radius is different because:

  • The company operates as a “software as a service”, or SAAS.
  • Pricing is based on quantity of how much you use the software, similar to a cellphone’s plan for data usage or text messaging.
  • Fully integrate all the tools offered by Impact Radius in one platform for better strategic insight.

The episode goes on to explain more about how using software such as Impact Radius can benefit your company. But the two also touch base on a topic that James discussed on a recent episode of Affiliate Buzz with guest speakers Matt Frary and Carolyn Kmet. That topic is the fallout with the recent announcement about the closure of the Google Affiliate Network. Tune in now to hear their thoughts about this industry-altering event!


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