Affiliate Buzz #307 – Google Glass and Wearable Technologies

itunesIn this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell welcomes two very special guests to discuss how important it is for affiliate marketers to jump on board with new trends, like Google Glass and other wearable technologies.

The first guest is Sarah Bundy, CEO of All Inclusive Marketing and instructor at The School of Internet Marketing, and the second guest is Aftab Gulam, a Webby Award nominated citizen journalist and gadget geek.

Affiliate Marketing and Technology on the Horizon

Tune in to hear invaluable tips from people who work in the industry every day.

The tips in this episode revolve around wearable technologies, like Google Glass. Google Glass is a revolutionary new product that allows you to stay connected to the internet no matter where you are, all via modern-looking eyewear. Some other information discussed includes:

  • The idea behind wearable technologies and its goals
  • Examples of how we use wearable technologies every day
  • The estimated values of wearable technologies

More importantly, you will hear Sarah explain the earning opportunity for affiliates when it comes to wearable technology. When trying to optimize traffic to increase profits you will not want to miss out on what wearable technology has to offer.

podcast_250x250_v1You will also hear Sarah lead the discussion to the topic of the best tracking methods to use for people who use wearable technology. After all, what works for email may not work for a watch or a pair of glasses!

Where Wearable Technology Is Taking Us

You will not want to miss hearing Aftab explain about how wearable technology already helps us with everything from weight loss to healthy sleep patterns and everything in between. He says that he sees something new practically every day.

Tune in now to hear what some of those products are and when you can expect to use them! But even more importantly, you will hear how you can use them to boost your affiliate marketing campaign. Topics discussed include:

  • How merchants can include wearable technology with existing products
  • Ways that affiliates can promote wearable technologies to increase revenue
  • Different buyer types that will benefit from these technologies and how to reach them

In addition to the price of these technologies, you will also hear the three discuss the benefits of this hot market opportunity in regards to your affiliate campaign.

Whether your personality is digital, creative, or technological, tune in now to listen to the full half-hour episode for a glimpse at how these technologies will allow you to be more productive away from your desk.


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