Affiliate Buzz #314 – Case Study: Turning Your Passion Into Traffic and Profits – Part #2

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz (click here to subscribe), host James Martell welcomes returning guest Lloyd Burrell, publisher and editor of about turning your passion into traffic and profits. This episode picks up where Part 1 left off!

Turning Your Passion into Website Content

Past episodes of the Affiliate Buzz have discussed profits, including venturing off the beaten path. But another lucrative way to turn a profit is to turn your passion into one!

As discussed in the first part of the series, Lloyd’s website was inspired by events in his own life. This episode delves more into the fine details about the website itself. You will not want to miss hearing about:

  • types of content he uses on his site
  • how often he creates this content
  • how he organizes it on his site
  • specifics about how he checks analytics
  • the different products he sells on his site
  • and so much more!

Tune in to also hear how Lloyd’s site ranks in regard to Hummingbird, the latest algorithm that Google released. James gives specific examples of how Lloyd’s site ranks up - and you can use these examples as things to do or not do on your own site!

How Lloyd Got Started with Media Content

You will hear why Lloyd describes his initial media content for his site as “as far away from Hollywood as you can get” and the degrees of importance for actual content versus technical details. James and Lloyd also discuss:

  • which part of creating media needs the most attention
  • Lloyd’s secret for giving viewers the exact content they need
  • how you can let your content do the talking for you

When you give people the content they want, then you have a better chance of increasing traffic which leads to increased profits. And what affiliate marketer would argue with having a larger return on their investment?

The episode wraps up with James and Lloyd discussing Lloyd’s book. Tune in to hear how his frustration led him to meet a life challenge as well as go above and beyond in helping others. But not all of Lloyd’s efforts resulted in success.

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