Affiliate Buzz #316 – Case Study: Turning Your Passion Into Traffic and Profits – Part #3

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz (click here to subscribe), host James Martell welcomes returning guest Lloyd Burrell, publisher and editor of about turning your passion into traffic and profits.

From Failed Efforts to Successful Websites

In Part 1 of this 3-part series, we heard from Lloyd himself about what makes him passionate about the topic of his business. Then in Part 2 we heard Lloyd discuss using content to grow search traffic, a topic that is no stranger to the Affiliate Buzz.

Tune in to this final episode in the series to learn how to keep growing after you find success by hearing Lloyd describe his strategy and some of his future plans. But first Lloyd discusses why success was not instantaneous. You will hear him describe:

  • his fears about lack of general interest in his topic
  • how he got started and finally learned to make a website
  • the effect of the time difference on his efforts

You will also hear why Lloyd describes his first attempt as "a lot of fun that didn't really amount to much" and how James helped him to use that initial failed effort to refocus on the site that has brought him great success today.

Using Comments as a Marketing Tool

Listen to James and Lloyd discuss his current site in great detail, much more than they talked about it in the previous installments in this series. Specifically they discuss comments, including:

  • the types of comments that Lloyd gets on his site
  • the total number of comments Lloyd has had in one thread
  • why your content and social media comments matter to Google
  • and more!

Tune in to hear how Lloyd uses AWeber, an email marketing service to stay in touch with subscribers. He also shares what visitors get in exchange for subscribing and how he plans to use email marketing to keep people coming back in the future.

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  1. Tom says:

    Just a note that this podcast is mislabeled. It is not "Case Study: Turning Your Passion Into Traffic and Profits – Part #3." It is actually a discussion of the ShareASale meeting and a few affiliate offers to consider.


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