Affiliate Buzz #317 – Easily Identify Profitable Keywords with

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, hosts James and Arlene tell us all about, a keyword research tool that enhances your keyword research and a replacement for the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

The episode kicks off with a little rant about a company James describes as his least favorite hosting company on the planet. He explains why he feels duped by them, shares specific complaints, and then offers ways to help listeners avoid getting into this same situation with other companies.

Google’s New Algorithm

Next James and Arlene talk about Hummingbird, the new algorithm from Google. They share the comments they have heard so far and the relationship between good, quality content and Google algorithms -- not only Hummingbird, but also Penguin and Panda as well.

Then the hosts discuss analytics, specifically how mobile devices affect them. James explains that Hummingbird derived from the fact that more people than ever are using verbal searches on mobile, internet-ready devices. Other things Hummingbird looks at in regards to mobile searching includes:

  • how mobile searching affects phrasing of longtail keywords
  • why content needs to respect the phrasing of mobile searches
  • what the algorithm needs to derive from mobile web searches

This leads to James sharing a few last thoughts about Hummingbird, including which aspects he finds most amazing as the algorithm has evolved.

The Best Replacement Keyword Tool

Moving right along, James introduces Long Tail Professional, a keyword research tool that offers a great alternative as Google has recently discontinued its Adwords keyword tool. The tool was recommended to them by a student at The School of Internet Marketing and they now include it as part of their Daily Traffic Blueprint course.

Unlike other programs that have a monthly or annual fee attached, Long Tail Professional has a one-time fee for software that you download right onto your own computer! As James explains, the software is as useful as it is economical.

  • the overall functionality of the software
  • James’ favorite features of this handy tool
  • results of a live search during the show
  • and more!

This segues into a discussion about how to use theses types of keywords on your website to really nail the right combination of elements for success. James provides a general list of things that work well together on a website, and then explains how to achieve that with this software.

The episode wraps up with tips about how to use this software to see what you should be ranking for as well as where you rank currently. Tune in now to hear the wealth of information about this handy alternative to Google’s now defunct keyword tool.

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