Affiliate Buzz #324 – Increase Subscribers with a Killer Optin

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, hosts James and Arlene Martell discuss some ways to create a killer opt-in offer to increase the number of people who subscribe to your podcast. This topic is always popular as it is always relevant to affiliate marketers.

Over the years James and Arlene have spent a lot of time trying out different ways to increase subscribers. In this episode they cover all aspects of opt-in offers, from explaining what the term means to giving examples of optin strategies* they’ve used over the years.

Why Opt-Ins Are Such a Big Deal

An opt-in offer is an incentive used to gain subscribers. Ryan Allis, the founder and former CEO of iContact shared stats stating that 70% of your visitors to your site will disappear, never to be seen again if you do not get them opted into your list.

Next James and Arlene go over some of the most popular types of opt-in offers, like ebooks**, free reports, and more! After discussing the types of opt-in offers people can use on their sites, they go on to discuss:

  • the problem with over-the-top opt-in offers
  • types of offers that hold a subscriber’s attention
  • current examples of opt-in offers that work

Then James goes into more detail about the current examples of opt-ins that work, including one that gained thousands of new subscribers just by adding an offer. He also walks listeners through a site using a unique offer, detailing each step just as a potential subscriber would view it.

The Birth of an Opt-In Offer

After a short break James and Arlene discuss everything that makes up a great opt-in offer, from the initial idea to the cost required to put it all together. Because James led the development of the project they discuss, Arlene tackles him with questions that cover:

  • how this particular opt-in offer they discuss got started
  • why it’s important to know the audience visiting your webpage
  • a quick way to determine if your opt-in idea is relevant
  • and the steps that take an opt-in from idea to reality

After explaining the final steps of putting the offer together, James points listeners to the landing page. He explains what they can expect when clicking on the opt-in offer to subscribe for the page and how follow-up emails can keep subscribers coming back.

The episode wraps up with a quick discussion about the specific components of an opt-in offer. You will not want to miss the exclusive tips and suggestions of this half-hour podcast. Tune in now to hear the entire episode. You won’t want to miss a second of it!

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