Affiliate Buzz #155 – James Discusses His New Affiliate Marketing ‘Answer Book’ and their Upcoming Trip to ShareASale Think Tank 2009 in Newport Beach, California with His Wife Arlene

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author talks with his wife Arlene about the release of his new Affiliate Marketing 'Answer Book' and their upcoming trip to ShareASale Think Tank 2009 in Newport Beach, California.

Not only does the Think Tank offer powerful tools to help you better manage your business it's one of those events that goes all out on fun, luxury and absolutely excellent service. Arlene shares a taste of last years Think Tank that was held at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego, California.

ShareASale Think Tank 2008 - Last Year at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego, California

The Think Tank is not only fun and luxury dinners. It's an amazing way for both merchants and affiliates alike to get together and share ideas and match up for potential life long partnerships.

Attending events like the Think Tank isn't as simple as buying a ticket and heading to the resort. To get on board there is a few key points to get your best foot forward and improve your chances of being picked to attend. James and Arlene talk about how you can apply to attend this very exclusive event.

Moving on Arlene and James talk about the new Affiliate Marketing 'Answer Book' and how it came to be. Arlene shares how she faces many questions over and over again operating the help desk and how this book will make a lot of people's lives easier.

This book is filled with practical answers to the most common questions people have as they're evaluating the business, just getting started or looking to go from part to full-time.

In the 'Answer Book' James answer 26 of the most frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing including:

Q. How does affiliate marketing work?
Q. How did affiliate marketing get started?
Q. Who are the participants?
Q. How do affiliates get paid?
Q. Why are companies starting their own affiliate programs?
Q. How big is the industry?
Q. How do I join an affiliate program?
Q. Why are affiliates called 'publishers'?
Q. What skills do I need?
Q. What do we publish?
Q. How do I make money?
Q. How do I get paid?
Q. What would it take to replace my current income?
Q. How long does it typically take to make money?
Q. How do I select a profitable topic?
Q. How do I build my website?
Q. How do I select and register a domain name?
Q. How do I order and set-up hosting?
Q. How do I select the software to build my site?
Q. How do I set-up the software to build my site?
Q. How do I create content for my site?
Q. How do I monetize my site?
Q. How do I promote my website?
Q. How do I build traffic?
Q. How do I build repeat traffic?
Q. What is outsourcing?

James also talks with Arlene about how he used their personal story of 10+ years in the business to show how the Internet and industry has grown over the years.

Listen to this edition as James and Arlene talk about:

  • 2009 ShareASale Think Tank
  • What it takes to attend
  • The Affiliate Marketing 'Answer Book'
  • 2007 ShareASale Think Tank and the resulting video - 7 Things YOU Must Look for in a High-Converting Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate marketing is for everyone

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