AB #500 | Industry Leaders Share Their #1 Tip for Winning BIG In Affiliate Marketing

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James and Arlene Martell are joined by top marketers, influencers and  industry leaders who shout out to James congratulate him on his 500th episode. They also share with listeners their #1 tip for winning BIG with affiliate programs.

If you are looking for ways to create income online, by doing something that you love, while spending more time with family, having a nice recurring income with a business that is not too heavy and gives you time freedom, then these tips are for you.

Millions of Downloads and 180 Countries

James takes a look back at 2003, and talks about the beginnings of the Affiliate Buzz, and other notable beginnings that same year including Affiliate Summit and Google Adsense. James talks about why he started the Buzz. He needed to solve a problem of helping students with their questions and giving them feedback, since there was no Social networks. We called it an "audio newsletter" because podcasting had not even started yet, and we have had the privilege of recording the show from all over the world wherever we happened to be traveling.

Affiliate Marketing Tips From Industry Leaders

This is a special gift. Each audio snippet gives you the best tips top performers have learned from many years of experience in the Affiliate arena. We are honored to hear from many industry leaders we have had a relationship with for up to 20 years. These people have many years of experience and have gone through all the Internet growing pains, to now run successful businesses that cater to affiliates with a variety of products and services. James talks about how we met these people, what they have to offer, and then we hear from them - their favorite affiliate marketing tips to increase commissions!

Winning Big in Affiliate Marketing

Attending events, learning from leaders and applying what you learn is the foundation to success. The desire to share and help others in the industry has been very rewarding to us, and has been a foundational way these leaders have found success growing their business.

In This Episode You Learn:

  • How the Affiliate Buzz podcast got it start
  • #1 tips from industry leaders for winning BIG en affiliate marketing
  • Foundational lessons learned to keep you on track

A BIG Thanks!

James offered up a BIG thanks to Charles Johnston, his original co-host, and who came up with the idea and format for the show (Circa 2003). James gave a shout out to Denis Bernicky, his original Virtual Assistant produced every episode exactly on-time for over 5 years.

James thanked Phil Watkins who negotiated bringing the Affiliate Buzz to WebmasterRadio.FM, and Jorge Hermida (aka "Brasco"), the Executive Producer at WebmasterRadio.FM for talking great care of him for every episode.

James concluded with BIG thank you to listeners like you for joining him each week. As he says, "without my listeners, I wouldn't have seen nearly the success I have without the need to stay up to date on what's working, and what'is not in the industry".

Resources: Shout Outs and Tips From:

FREE Discovery Call

James ends the show offering a FREE Discovery Call to listeners looking to fast track the development of a profitable website, podcast, blog, ebook or a entire online business from scratch, and who would like to avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes.


  1. Jaya says:

    Congrats on the 500th episode! Keep up the good work!


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