AB #445 | Award Winning Affiliate Manager & OPM Jamie Birch, Shares Insight on What’s Working and What Affiliates Marketers Need to Be Focused on in 2017

In this week's episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell chats with Jamie Birch, Owner and Principal of JEBCommerce who should be away attending Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. Instead, these two pioneers of affiliate marketing are here holding their own mini-summit to discuss affiliate marketing today and the state of the industry.

Jamie Birch shares his extensive Internet marketing experience includes all facets of online marketing: email, paid search campaigns, customer retention programs, and much more. This wide range of disciplines has enabled Jamie to excel as a business leader and JEBCommerce to realize a great level of success for its clients.

Jamie cut his “affiliate marketing teeth” managing affiliate programs for many well known companies before spending several years at Coldwater Creek, a Top 5 nationwide women’s clothing retailer. While at Coldwater Creek, Jamie established and managed affiliate campaigns, email campaigns, and SEO campaigns – an opportunity that allowed him to develop many of the proven processes JEBCommerce successfully employs today.

Affiliate Marketing Today = Job Security

Jamie didn’t start out in the world of Internet marketing. He actually studied business and finance in college and he noticed a few things as he was managing affiliates programs for the various companies he worked for. “Dot-coms” often lacked a stable business model.

Even big, brick and mortar companies would pass through recessions having to lay off large numbers of employees. But there were no lay-offs in Jamie’s department. That’s how he knew that he’d stumbled onto something of real value. He started his own business to share that value.

First Things First

That business background has served Jamie well. He recognized that it’s easy to learn the technologies. It’s easy to learn the distribution channels. What’s hard is finding something the market needs.

Jamie emphasizes the importance of starting with the customer and staying focused on what they want. He and James will discuss creating customer profiles, identifying the steps on the customer’s path to conversion and strategies for identifying gaps in how customers are being served.

But how do you know who your customer is and how they behave? Jamie emphasizes the importance of analysis and will talk about some of his favorite tools, beyond Google analytics, for knowing your customers’ behaviors.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

Listen now to hear some entertaining stories about the early days of the Internet and a description of the menagerie (bearded dragons, mini-pigs and horses, Oh my!) that Jamie keeps and his take on:

  • What’s going really well in affiliate marketing today
  • What things the affiliate industry needs to do better
  • The biggest mistakes people make when starting an affiliate site
  • The first and most important thing you should do when getting started
  • Jamie’s favorite tools for analyzing customer behavior


If you’d like to hear more about what Jamie and JEBCommerce have to offer, you can find him at

Website: JEBCommerce.com
Email: jamie@jebcommerce.com
Skype: jamiee.birch


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