AB #440 | Affiliates and Bloggers – Tap into 200,000+ Monetized, Cleaned and Categorized Deals with FMTC

In this week's edition of the Affiliate Buzz. James Martell talks with Rachel Honoway and Eric Nagel of FMTC about data feeds, aggregating affiliate content and tools for linking updated deals to affiliate websites.

Too Much to Keep Up With?

You may have noticed that there’s a lot to keep up with - multiple merchants belonging to multiple affiliate networks, coupons and promotional codes that may or may not work, fixes for things that are broken, new deals coming out all of the time. So how do you keep your site fresh, current and updated with the very best deals for your readers?

FMTC specializes in aggregating affiliate content and making it available to affiliates and bloggers through a series of services and tools. They test all of those coupons, categorize deals by merchant and product and make it easy to tap into their feed of cleaned, categorized and profitable deals. Rachel and Eric will tell you what FMTC has to offer for both niche sites and enterprise customers.

How to Integrate FMTC’s Data into your Site

It’s great to know that there’s someone out there testing to make sure all of the coupons and promotional codes work. But how do you integrate their aggregated data into your site? Eric will tell you where to find the instructions for integrating the datafeed. He’ll also describe a WordPress plug-in, designed to work hand-in-hand with the WordPress Clipper theme, that will allow you to connect FMTC’s feed to your site.

They’ll also discuss outsourcing, a perfect solution for non-techies like James who want to get their site linked to this constantly updated source of deals and promotions.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

Rachel and Eric will talk about the suite of tools they have available for both enterprise customers and smaller affiliates and bloggers. Listen now to hear:

  • Tools to help you keep on top of content from multiple affiliate networks
  • How to know that the coupons you’re getting work
  • How to integrate a datafeed into your site
  • How to find deals by product category, keyword or merchant
  • A WordPress Plug-in that works with your WordPress Theme
  • Special features that will give you ideas for blog topics
  • James’ 15-minute rule
  • The biggest mistake people make when outsource a job


Whether you’re working with tens of thousands of merchants, or running a niche site with just a few, FMTC has multiple tools available.

FMTC - http://www.fmtc.co
Rachel’s email – Rachel@fmtc.co
Upwork – http://upwork.com


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