Affiliate Buzz #313 – A Behind the Scenes Visit to SmarterChaos, a Leading Affiliate Marketing Agency

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell takes us on a Behind the Scenes Visit to SmarterChaos, a leading affiliate marketing agency with Stuart Butler, the Rainmaker and Co-founder at

The show kicks off with James asking Stuart for an overview of his hometown of Castle Rock, Colorado. Tune in to hear a description of the quaint little town, why it reminds James a little of of Main Street in Disneyland, and what Rocky Mountain highway landmark James saw during his visit.

How SmarterChaos Launches a New Campaign

You’ll hear everything from how the SmarterChaos office is laid out to plans for expansion. James talks about witnessing this affiliate marketing agency launch a brand new campaign for a client. Some things discussed in the meeting were:

  • how SmarterChaos gets a campaign ready to go live
  • duties of the different staff within the company during the launch
  • the role of media partners during the launch of a new campaign

Even though other the Google Affiliate Network is closing its doors, the affiliate marketing industry is live and well!

Upcoming Events for Affiliate Marketers

You will also hear James and Stuart talk about two upcoming events in November, 2013. The first is AdTech, a digital marketing event coming up in New York.

The second is the That’s What She Said Blogger Social event taking place in California and sponsored by Some details about the SheIsMedia event that they discuss include:

  • a brief description about what the event is
  • information about sponsorship and gift packages
  • details about future blogger social events
  • and more!

If you are curious about things that work beyond your site then you will not want to miss this podcast or the events described!

The episode wraps up with Stuart sharing his contact info, which is and a reminder that they are always looking for more individuals to help them push their products out.

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