AB #436 | Secrets for Maximizing Black Friday Sales, the Busiest Shopping Day of the Year!

Welcome to another edition of The Affiliate Buzz, where affiliate marketers have been coming to be inspired, informed and motivated to succeed since way back in 2003. The time has come! As of the airing of this episode, Black Friday is only 58 days away! James and Internet marketing consultant Karen Garcia discuss what you need to do now to be ready.

Karen is an Internet marketing consultant with Lab6Media. She has a broad range of experience including, but not limited to, affiliate program management, email marketing, search marketing, SEO, SEM, graphic design, and website design. She loves Internet marketing so much that she left the world of physics and chocolate covered strawberries in order to do the work she does now.

After going over the big dates (including Karen’s explanation of Giving Tuesday) and what merchants and affiliates can do now to prepare, Karen will share some of her favorite affiliate programs, as well as some upcoming events she’s getting ready for. Karen and James will also mention their favorite online tools for getting and staying organized during the hectic, but profitable holiday season.

Tips for Merchantskaren-garcia

Karen will share the tips she offers merchants for preparing for the holiday season. This is when retailers make 30-40% of their money, so it’s important to be ready. Now is the time to double check that your tracking, all of your tracking, is working correctly. Karen recommends that merchants create an affiliate account for their own programs so they can step through and see how things look from the affiliates’ point of view.

It’s also the time to bump up the creative content and holiday promotions. Of course, affiliates will do some of this on their own, but Karen recommends it come from the merchant in order to ensure that things stay on brand.

Tips for Affiliates

Merchants aren’t the only ones that need to be ready. This is the time for affiliates to gear up their email marketing, start assembling gift guides and check that all of their links are working. (Karen has a horror story of associate losing out on thousands of dollars because of a broken link.) Karen recommends that affiliates update and refresh their top 10 or 20 posts. It’s also a good idea to have an outside person go through your website and look for problems. James has first hand experience with this, having many times felt that everything was perfect, only to have Arlene hand him a list of 20 corrections that needed to be made.

Listen now to hear:

  • Dates to mark on your calendar – Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday
  • What merchants can and should do to prepare for Black Friday
  • What affiliates can and must do to prepare for Black Friday
  • Some of Karen’s favorite affiliate programs (including a chance to find out what “sidewalk surfers” and “duck shoes” are)


Since it’s all about being ready and staying organized, James and Karen share some of their favorite online project management tools:

Also, get your calendars ready for some upcoming conferences:

If you would like to contact Karen about her affiliate programs, reach out to her at Karen@lab6media.com or at orangedragonfly on Skype.


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