AB #403 | Black Friday Shopping Deals & Cyber Monday 2015 – Ads, Deals & Sales – Are You Ready?

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell and co-host Arlene discuss what you should do to get your agenda in order to prepare to the very lucrative holiday season.

Getting Ready for Black Friday Shopping Deals and Cyber Monday

The episode kicks off with a throwback to the early days of affiliate programs and what they called the Online Christmas Shopping Season. It was pre-Black Friday and nothing like what it is today.

James explains that affiliates start getting ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday as early as the late spring and early summer before the events.

BLACK FRIDAY - November 27th, this is the day after the American Thanksgiving, and since the early 2000's it's been regarded as the beginning of the shopping season.

CYBER MONDAY - November 30th, this term was created in mid-2000's to persuade people to shop online. Cyber Monday 2014 saw consumers doing a whopping 2.29 billion dollars in business.

Affiliate managers get prepared for these big shopping days months in advance. Around this time affiliate marketers can expect to be inundated with emails related to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

James says it just takes some searching to see what merchants offer in the way of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. In fact, he wishes more were as creative during the entire year as they are around these two shopping days.

The Truth Is in the Statistics

James completes a live Google search which reveals Amazon is all over Black Friday shopping deals. Many affiliates have had great success with Amazon. James finds the Amazon checkout process a bit more outside the box than other affiliate programs.

James goes on to explain that while Amazon has a one-day cookie return, on the upside when people go to Amazon they are typically ready to buy now. This caused him to avoid Amazon for years, while other affiliates did very well with Amazon's program.

Then James and Arlene discuss Amazon's yearly sales revenues and how it's grown over the years. During the episode they share the following annual figures:

  • 2010: $32 Billion
  • 2011: $48 Billion
  • 2012: $61 Billion
  • 2013: $74 Billion
  • 2014: $89 Billion
  • And in 2015 the company expects to break the $100 Billion milestone.

During the podcast James and Arlene try to do some quick calculations but their calculators aren't able to comprehend figures of that size. While sales have nearly tripled in almost five years, Amazon says it's still just getting started.

Then James segues to Amazon's first brick and mortar location in Seattle's University Village. Their insight into which books sell best give them a good idea of which books to stock.

James adds that he recently read an article asking who keeps Google up at night. The answer is Amazon, because they have the shoppers. Google's past attempts to enter the retail market never came close to Amazon's success. (Anyone remember Frugal?)

Why People Prefer Shopping Online

After a short break, Brasco, Executive Producer for the Affiliate Buzz, joins James and Arlene to discuss Wal-mart versus Amazon. They agree that Wal-mart needs better in-store customer service and fails in online sales compared to Amazon.

Arlene and James prefer online shopping overall because:

  • convenience to shop any time
  • delivery to your front door
  • a wide selection of items
  • prices are better online

Then James relates an experience from some years ago when he needed a birthday gift for his mom. Dreading the thought of packing up the kids for a trip to the mall, he decided to try online shopping for the first time.

James goes on to describe the ease of selecting items he knew she would love and how impressed he was with the speed of delivery, arriving at her door a day early.

James and Arlene wrap up the episode with some final tips about how to get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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