AB #503 | Pixel Perfect: Why the Look of Your Affiliate Brand Affects Its Believability and Trust

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks to Rick Hosmer, Chief Marketing Officer and Cody Hanson, Digital Marketing Strategist with Klundt-Hosmer.com and today they are going to talk about branding for affiliate marketers and why the look of your affiliate brand affects its believability and trust.

What is Branding for Affiliate Marketers?

Are you getting visitors to your website, who are hitting the "back" button far too frequently? In this episode you will learn why your brand impression is so important. We spend SO much time on our sites trying to attract the right visitor, but when they actually click through to your website, you only have about 3 seconds to make a positive impression.

Branding is all encompassing and ties into your personality as well. Once an impression is made, it plays a significant role in your customer determining if they like you. This is where authenticity comes in - getting your customer to relate to you. Then all the offers you follow up with, all tie into their trust with you and decision to buy from you.

Rick explains that branding is what a business looks like online, in print, through digital marketing or wherever the business is promoting itself. He explains how we see things visually compared to reading something on the website or listening to something. Your website has a personality and people like to buy from people, not companies, because they developed trust.

Benefits of Getting Your Branding Right

Rick shares the 3 critical components to develop a positive relationship with your visitor to build authentic trust, and stop them from hitting the back button. They talk more in-depth about the components of your website, and ways visitors can interact with you. Once you have your visitor, there are ways to keep them, and he offers some tips on design, imagery, and how content is being perceived.

Why Your Affiliate Application Was Rejected

James and Cody talk about getting accepted today by Affiliate Programs. They are also looking at your website before determining if you are a good candidate to market their products. Cody offers advice to affiliates on how to get their application approved and what he looks for with regards to your online presence.

Importance of Good Website Design

Our brain is amazing and can process information so quickly. This is the Neuroscience of good design, and your brand will create a subconscious decision about your business, website and level of trust visitors will put in you. It is instant, and in their subconscious, as we are driven by emotions, feelings and visual experience. Learn how you can get this right and hit the right points quickly.

"Good design reduces the mental effort and makes it easier for buyers to take
the desired action." Nathalie Nahai, Psychologist

We want the visitor to take the desired action we want them to take. The mind is 60,000 times faster visually. How something looks is more important than what you write. Rick and Cody both share their amazing nuggets for building a site with personality, and what you need to do to be unique and do it better than your competitor!

Listen to learn:

  • Why you have a critical 3 seconds when a visitor comes to your site
  • Amazing nuggets for building a site with personality
  • How the brain makes immediate decisions to buy or hit the back button
  • Why visual stimulation outranks written text
  • How to get your affiliate application approved
  • What good web design consists of

If you are considering building a lifestyle business, where you can spend more time traveling, more time enjoying your family and more time doing all of the things that matter to you most, stay tuned to a little road map we are putting together which will be ready in a few weeks. James also invited you to Subscribe to the Affiliate Buzz on our website, on iTunes, and on our new YouTube Channel to be alerted to new episodes.




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