AB #455 | How to Build Your Own Massive Following from Multiple Channels with Luke Kling, 2017 Affiliate Manager of the Year

In this week's edition of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell welcomes Luke Kling to the show, to discuss the tools and strategies you can use to start building your own massive following from multiple channels.

Luke is the marketing director for PeerFly, the fastest-growing affiliate network in the world, and he won the coveted 2017 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Affiliate Manager of the Year. Luke and James talk about his history in the affiliate marketing business and how it led him to where he is today. They also discuss how PeerFly’s custom platform gives publishers on his network a competitive advantage. Finally, Luke explains to James the tools he has developed for building a following on Facebook and Twitter, and why the most important thing you can do for building your own massive following is to provide value.

Building an Audience by Providing Value

What value do you provide to your audience? Your goal should always be to provide something better to your followers than what they currently get. If you can provide good value, through content, or even offers, then your list will grow. Luke and James discuss why it’s crucial to provide value first, and only expect to see the benefits later.

Luke also explains to James some ideas for providing value, and how marketers can use multiple channels to attract and retain followers.

Building Your Own Massive Following

There’s a good chance that you could be marketing your growing social media channels better. FPTraffic.com and Rewst.com are two tools that Luke has developed to help affiliates identify growth opportunities on their social media channels. Luke explains to James how they work, what they cost, and who might benefit from them.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

  • How Luke got his start in affiliate marketing
  • What is PeerFly?
  • Why should affiliates use PeerFly?
  • Why it’s important for marketers to grow as many channels as possible
  • How can affiliate marketers provide value to their audiences?
  • The first steps to take to building an audience
  • How FPTraffic.com can help marketers manage multiple Facebook pages
  • Why using Rewst.com and a virtual assistant could grow your Twitter audience massively


Luke Kling's Website
Contact Luke Kling:
Twitter: @LukePeerFly
Facebook: lukepeerfly



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