Affiliate Buzz #252 – Can Attending an Event Be the Missing Link in Your Road to Online Success?

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz audio newsletter James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author talks with wife and co-host Arlene Martell while soaking up the beautiful scenery of Austin Texas as they take in two conferences; Affiliate Summit Central 2012 and ShareASale Think Tank 2012.

To get tonight's call started James and Arlene share a little about their arrival in Austin, the plain ride experience, including the loss of their luggage, and the arrival at the Hilton Austin. They share the breathtaking views and overall beauty of Texas, where they stayed and why they want to come back again.

But the arrival in Austin was just the beginning. You'll hear about the uniqueness of this particular conference, the types of sessions laid out as well as the ease of accomplishing what you want. You'll hear about two new students and how taking part in the even activities are really helping them wrap their head around the business and make plans for the near, and far future.

Arlene Martell

Arlene Martell After A Week Of Sessions, Parties and Networking Events

It's so much more than just the sessions!

Everyone talks about the importance of attending affiliate conferences to learn what you can for each session speaker. James shares how the value of these conferences stretch far outside the lecture rooms. Having two students new to the industry in attendance James and Arlene were really able to see first hand the impact the overall networking of these events can have on helping beginners sculpt their business.

They talk about the power of motivation behind after session conversations among other attendees during dinners, round table get togethers and social events. You'll hear how one student discovered tools to help her long after her site is up and running and how hearing success stories first hand help to motivate and encourage the very beginner.

But what is the biggest benefit for attending a conference? For each attendee the answer may vary but for James and Arlene it's all about discovering that single business altering nugget of all time. And without disappointment James was thrilled to find that nugget again this year.

Covered in this edition:

  • Affiliate Summit Central 2012 & ShareASale ThinkTank
  • How conferences benefit the beginner
  • What the sessions have in store
  • Benefits beyond the speaker sessions

Affiliate conferences are ever growing in popularity and webmasters frequently read about the before and after of these events. Listen in today to hear the "during" take of this years back to back conferences of Affiliate Summit Central and ShareASale ThinkTank as James and Arlene take a break mid event to meet on the Buzz.

And if you are...

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  1. Don Campbell says:

    Hi James, Arlene - I really enjoyed spending time with you and catching up at ThinkTank. What an amazing venue too.

    Thanks for the mention in the Podcast - I learned so much from you guys that has helped my business.

    I think you are right - attending the right conferences can really help you succeed. You get to spend so much face-to-face time with people, and that's important when much of our business is done online.

  2. tikitravel says:

    Hahahaha! "Guess what we're gonna be doing on Saturday? Looking for an Oak tree in the backstreets of Austin:)"

    You two are hilarious:)


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