AB #331 | Canada Marketing Summit 2014 – Yes, We’ll Be There! :)

Do you plan to attend Canada Marketing Summit 2014? Is your business in need of help with marketing strategies, online lead generation, or advertising? If attending a conference for your business isn’t in your future, then you could be missing out on significant growth opportunities.

Marketing conferences offer endless opportunities for businesses and for those who attend the rewards are spectacular. Does this describe how you stay on top of the latest opportunities for your business?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Canada Marketing Summit 2014 then you’ll want to invest 20 minutes to listen to this edition of The Affiliate Buzz where your hosts James and Arlene preview their visit to the event which will feature education on Marketing, Advertising, Online Lead Generation and Best Marketing Strategies.

Conferences are known to offer both online and off-line marketing information. Canada Marketing Summit 2014* is a 3-day event offering 18 speakers from around the world and 34 concession booths. This interview is an opportunity to learn how to make this event work for your business.

Who Should Attend Canada Marketing Summit 2014?

The episode kicks off with James and Arlene sharing the benefits of attending a conference in Vancouver, which is a short distance from their home in White Rock. Locals aren’t the only ones who benefit as James and Arlene share advantages to visiting the Semiahmoo Peninsula during the spring.

Then James segues into an overview of who he would say this conference is for, and how it differs from the Affiliate Summit conferences held annually in Las Vegas and New York.

If you aren’t attending conference then you’re missing out on an opportunity to learn how to obtain growth and revenue for your business.

What’s the State of Your Online Presence?

Next James talks about the importance of forming an online presence, and how attending conferences can help boost that for your business. He also answers these questions:

  • Should I stay in the hotel where Canada Marketing Summit 2014 is being held?
  • How can Canada Marketing Summit 2014 help me get more customers?
  • Do I need to attend all three days of Canada Marketing Summit 2014?
  • What is the format that Canada Marketing Summit 2014 will follow?

Now ask yourself two questions. Do you plan to attend Canada Marketing Summit 2014? Are you aware of how it could benefit your business? If you answered “No” to either or both of these questions it’s time to reconsider attending conferences.

Who Can I Expect to Hear at Canada Marketing Summit 2014?

Then James and Arlene discuss some of the speakers you can expect to hear when attending Canada Marketing Summit 2014 as well as the topics that these people will cover in their presentations.

James points out the common thread among all the speakers who are presenting at Canada Marketing Summit 2014, and talks about how three days of this can benefit your business.

Not every conference that you attend is about pitching things people want you to buy. Many presenters have genuine advice about how to increase your business. Why aren’t you taking advantage of these opportunities?

The episode wraps up with James and Arlene reviewing what you need to know if you’d like to sign up to attend Canada Marketing Summit 2014*.

What Can Canada Marketing Summit 2014 Do for Your Business?

Are you ready to set aside a weekend in Vancouver to attend Canada Marketing Summit 2014? Do you want to know more about how attending conferences can increase your business?


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