Affiliate Buzz #312 – Case Study: Turning Your Passion Into Traffic and Profits – Part #1

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host James Martell welcomes guest Lloyd Burrell, publisher and editor of about turning your passion into traffic and profits. You’ll hear from Lloyd himself what makes him passionate about the topic of his business.

Lloyd’s idea for his business happened in 2002, and despite the scientific nature of what he does, believe it or not his background is not very scientific at all! Listen to what inspired him to get involved with this topic, and how it led to his building a popular, online website!

Lloyd’s Life Changing Cell Phone Call

If you have a topic you are passionate about and have considered building a business around it, you will not want to miss what Lloyd has to share. Many people have asked James whether they should be passionate about the topic of their business. Tune in to hear why he says, “Yes!”

Lloyd’s passion about his topic is deeply personal, and all began with a cell phone call. Because cell phone use is so widespread, this is a topic that everyone needs to know about, and Lloyd’s firsthand account will keep you listening for the entire half-hour. You’ll hear him share:

  • health symptoms he experienced after his incident
  • why he was left dissatisfied with his doctor’s diagnosis
  • the Telegraph article that was his “big eureka moment”

Lloyd’s quest for better health took him from his homeland in France to other countries. You will not want to miss a minute of his compelling story about the events leading up the question that resulted in turning his passion into a business.

What’s Your Passion?

You will hear Lloyd share how one person’s question, “What’s your passion?” led him to begin the business he operates today. Because his passion is his goal to stay healthy, at first he was unsure how to turn that into a profit. Tune in to hear:

  • which affiliate speaker struck a chord with Lloyd and why
  • the initial plan Lloyd for the website he planned as a hobby
  • how that hobby turned into a successful online business

Lloyd and James wrap up this episode by talking about Lloyd’s website, from how he selected a domain name to how he rounded out his total online presence. The whole process has been very exciting for Lloyd. His story could help you turn your own passion into a profit!


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