AB #401 | WiFi in the Cars, Smartphones, and What You Need to Know About the Changing Face of Affiliate Marketing

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell along with wife and fellow co-host Arlene discuss WiFi in the cars, smartphones, and what you need to know about the changing face of affiliate marketing.

The episode kicks off with a review of the Affiliate Buzz intro which welcomes guests listening from their smartphone, tablet, computer, or WiFi radio.

James confirms that statistics show most listeners listen to the buzz via podcast on a device versus tuning in live each Thursday. This got him thinking about changes to affiliate marketing.

The Early Days of Affiliate Marketing

Back in 1999, James worked out of the basement office in their family's home to create content that was exclusively textual which people accessed on their desktop computers.

James describes how evolving technology and the popularity of laptops improved online speed and the ability to share images.

Next James shares that by 2005, high speed internet allowed for the introduction of sites like YouTube and iTunes. This changed content type, but people still used their desktops and laptops to access it.

James fast forwards to how people access content today. Arlene lists off some popular ways including:

  • smartphones
  • tablets
  • laptop
  • desktop

With this in mind, you can see the way content is being consumed today versus how they consumed it in 1999 has definitely evolved.

Are Your Videos Responsive?

Next James describes how he was surfing around on one of their sites when he noticed while the website was responsive, the videos were not. You can check your videos by looking at the page on a tablet or smartphone.

If the video is too far to the right then it needs to be fixed. This is something you can outsource at Upwork for about $10, or Google search for "how do I make my videos responsive in WordPress".

James points out that while content in the early days was text and images, today's content consists of text, images, and video. As affiliates, we need to make sure we look as good on all devices as we do the laptops.

The More Things Change....

After a short break, James and Arlene segue into the common denominator throughout their entire affiliate marketing careers, which is content. Arlene points out that regardless of type, you have to get the content out there.

Last week James interviewed Lisa Riolo, the Executive VP of Customer Service at CJ Affiliate and an industry pioneer. She confirmed that excellent content is where affiliates need to focus their priorities.

James observes that while creating content might be time-consuming and you may have to outsource some of the work, it's really not complicated. The process is simply:

  1. Find an audience.
  2. Recognize what they need.
  3. Put helpful affiliate content in front of them.

Arlene mentions that the content is so easy and inexpensive to create, that there's almost no reason to source it out.

The Power of One

Then James talks about something he refers to as "The Power of One". Unless you are a big corporation with the resources to tackle all the various social media types, choose one that's right for your affiliate marketing program.

In the early days, James offers, it was easy because Google was the only place where they shared content. When you lack the manpower to keep up with too many areas, then it makes it difficult to keep up when those places start changing.

Next James segues into the topic of repurposing content. Back in the early days, he and Arlene would create a white paper which became a foundation for:

  • blog articles
  • podcasts
  • videos
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • and more

Taking Technology on the Road

James and Arlene return from a commercial break to talk about WiFi in the cars. When it comes to the car, the preferred type of content is audio because it's not safe to read or watch videos while driving.

James explains Google's Open Automotive Alliance, which promotes technology among automotive industry leaders. If you don't plan on buying a new car, then you can buy after-market WiFi kits.

These systems offer everything you'd find on a table, but most importantly they allow you to listen to podcasts while you're on the road. James adds that WiFi radios are becoming popular in the homes as well.

The podcast wraps up with James and Arlene sharing their final thoughts on the episode topic, and use Arlene's recent hospital stay, discussed in Affiliate Buzz #390, as an example of a situation where someone might benefit from WiFi access.

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