AB #414 | Increase Conversions and Sales with Inexpensive Quick and Easy to Create Marketing Videos

In this podcast, James and Arlene Martell share how to create marketing videos that are easy to make, inexpensive and can help increase conversions and sales.

Affiliate video marketing is a type of commission-based marketing managed by affiliates. These affiliates create videos to endorse products and services for a specific business. The business rewards the affiliates for each visitor or customer gained through these marketing efforts.

Videos can be a great way to experience a much higher increase of traffic to your website. This in turn, will lead to more customers and as a result, more revenue for your company.

An Easy Way to Share Affiliate Links

James kicks off the episode by sharing a text he received just before the show. The text requested details about setting up an email marketing campaign. As James sent the person a link to AWeber, it made him think just how easy it is to make money with affiliate programs.

Then James harkens back to last week’s topic, recurring commissions with a mention of AWeber. AWeber is an email management program which pays 30% recurring commission to affiliates. James and Arlene have been involved with the affiliate program for a while now.

James explains how he uses Page Links To, a WordPress app, to create links such as the one to AWeber through his website. After you download this app into the back end of your dashboard, use these instructions to create links.

  • Log into WordPress.
  • Click “add new post”. (For this example James uses AWeber.)
  • Type “AWeber” into the headline field.
  • Scroll down the page until you find the Page Links To field.
  • Drop your affiliate ID in the Page Links To field.
  • Click Publish.

James summarizes the next time you want to refer someone to the merchant, you can give them your website with a forward slash and the name of the merchant. James and Arlene link to AWeber with their affiliate information using the address: http://www.jamesmartell/aweber.

Then James goes on to outline how they’ve done a similar process for Bluehost, which pays $90 per sale. They offer two ways to link up via their affiliate information: http://wwww.jamesmartell.com/Bluehost and http://www.bluehost360.com, both of which forward through to the Bluehost site.

A New Interview on the Shoulders of Titans

Next Arlene provides an update on Shoulders of Titans, a podcast she talked about in the previous episode.

The most recent episode of that podcast, number 32 titled 100,000,000 Views and Counting - YouTube Superstar Aaron Marino Shares The Secrets To His Success, is completely relevant to today’s Buzz topic, which is video marketing.

Aaron Marino receives over 9 million monthly views on his “Alpha M” YouTube channel, which he uses as the primary platform for his men’s lifestyle blog. You’ll find the links in the references below, but the quickest way to locate it is via the interview at www.shouldersoftitans.com.

7 Steps to Creating a Video to Increase Conversions

James and Arlene return from a short break with an anecdote about ziplining. Despite her dislike of heights, Arlene allowed her daughter to talk her into riding the second-highest Canadian zipline not once but twice.

Then they dig into the meat of the podcast - increasing conversions with video marketing. In this case the videos are quick and easy to make. James started using them after taking Ryan Deiss’ video marketing course.

James encourages using video marketing because videos are very easy to produce and you don’t have to be personally on the screen. These steps can help you create inexpensive marketing videos to increase conversions.

  1. Create a script. Start with addressing the need of your audience.
  2. Narrate the script yourself or, if you’re the expert, get someone to interview you on the topic. You can outsource this through Upwork. James suggests using Amolto Call Recorder for Skype, which costs under $30 but worth the price.
  3. Edit the audio. James recommends using Audacity by SourceForge.
  4. Have the video transcribed. James points out you can do this yourself for short videos. For longer videos Arlene uses a transcriptionist hired through Upwork. James reminds the text should be word for word so people get the information both audibly and visually.
  5. Use PowerPoint to create the text. You can put in some images along the way or have it on a single background color. James uses a faded background with his logo in the corner but says black text on a white background would be just as powerful. Simplicity is the key.
  6. Sync the text to the audio. James uses Upwork to outsource this part of the job as well. He sends the Upwork contractor the PowerPoint and the audio and receives a beautiful MP4 in return. Outsourcing the work gives him time to work on other areas of his business.
  7. Upload the video to YouTube or your WordPress site.

Then James invites you to check an example of a marketing video he made using this exact formula. You can click over to the Podcasting Mastery website to check it out.

James and Arlene have used this style of video to promote and sell products and services for over a decade. As you can see in the example, it has all the relevant information (including a price list and a buy now button) someone might need to commit to making a purchase.

Video Marketing for Local Businesses

After a short break, James and Arlene return to discuss a local business called Cold Fire which markets effective and environmentally friendly fire fighting products. One Cold Fire extinguisher does the work of several traditional fire suppression products - and it’s biodegradable.

James describes videos of Cold Fire products in use. Then he goes on to explain how it could easily be converted into a marketing video.

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