Affiliate Buzz #221 – Critiquing an On-Page Disaster – What Not to Do!

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz audio newsletter James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author talks with wife and co-host Arlene Martell critique an affiliate site as they help you recognize what NOT to do!

After receiving an email request from a webmaster to critique their site James and Arlene agreed. The site owner had been struggling with increasing their traffic as well as site conversion but couldn't pinpoint why. Within moments the Martell's recognized the mistakes she had made. And so they took these mistakes to record this Buzz as you discover what not to do in website development.

Right off the bat they noticed little thought was put into the actual visitor that would be coming to this page. From overcrowding, to distractions, and even confusing navigation visitors to this site were hard pressed to find their way to the promoted products, let alone the shopping cart.

Arlene points out challenge after challenges as she explores the various pages within the site and confesses if she was a customer she would run from this site. But your site doesn't have to turn out like this.

Round Two: Doing It Right

All is not entirely lost for this webmaster. In fact her content is still usable, but James and Arlene agree she needs to start completely over with her website design and navigational flow. But they don't leave her to do this blindly.

First James walks through step one of any site development, your visitor. He explains the importance of building your site with the visitor in mind. From content on the page to navigation, even image placement you'll hear tips on seeing your pages from the visitors perspective.

Next James talks about a recent buzz with Dr. Andy Williams who emphasized the importance of understanding the "Niche Vocabulary" when developing content. By fine tuning the vocabulary on your pages to a tight fit around your niche visitors and search engines will benefit. You can learn more by listening to their recent discussion on this very important topic.

Listen to this edition of the Affiliate Buzz as James and Arlene talk about:

  • What not to do when building your site
  • Designing pages from the visitors perspective
  • Incorporating niche vocabulary into your pages

When deciding on your topic and then outlining your pages it's crucial to step back and consider the visitor. To make money online your visitors satisfaction needs to be a top priority!

And if you are...

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  1. Natasha @ Ultimate Flora says:

    Thanks James. I just signed up for your free e-book and am looking forward to reading it and adding to my newbie knowledge. I have only started 2 months ago and struggle with motivation sometimes as it is a painstaking process!

  2. Onex says:

    Thanks James for your information. Affiliate buzz is really tips for get high income from affiliate.


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