Affiliate Buzz #249 – Developing a SmartPhone App: True Story

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz audio newsletter James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author talks with Al Beix from and as they discuss the benefits of creating a Smart Phone or tablet app to help boost business and improve your affiliate income.

Al begins by sharing a little history on what got the idea of creating a smart device app and make it available to the general public. He shares his efforts in searching for an app that would provide him with robust tools to design a paint job right from your smart device. When all efforts fell short he saw a real need to make this happen.

But designing a smart device app is for programmers right? In short, yes. But Al shares every step he took, as a non-programmer, to take his idea to develop an iPhone app to digitally paint a car into reality. It began by contacting local companies that create apps for a living and led him straight to Elance where he found the perfect candidate for the job.

The work involved in scoping out a project like designing an app can feel overwhelming to the rest of us. James and Al walk you through the simple and realistic steps they followed from writing thoughts to paper and leading up to talking with a programmer to spec out the entire job.

Paint it Digitally - Before You Paint It For Real!

Paint it Digitally - Before You Paint It For Real!

Beyond specking out the job it's important to understand why affiliates would even want to invest the time and money for this project. James shares examples of how other apps on the market are using banner ads and other means for driving traffic, and sales, right to their websites.

Al talks about how he has monetized his own cpp as well as plans for the future. He shares an inside peek at the conversion he has seen since the launch of his new app, total number of downloads and anticipation for future improvements.

Covered in this edition:

  • How affiliates can benefit from smart device apps
  • outlining and creating your own app
  • Tips for monetizing your app
  • Finding an affordable programmer to get the job done

As more and more business is generated through smart devices James reminds affiliates that it's important to keep these tools in mind when planning out your business. By using tools as simple as a a smart app you can increase sales and drive traffic to your website.


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