AB #501 | Get the Inside Scoop on Driving Affiliate Sales with Email Marketing with Erik Harbison, CMO at AWeber.com

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell is joined by Erik Harbison, CMO at AWeber to for a conversation on driving affiliate sales with email marketing. Erik debunked a few email marketing myths, shared the 4 things that influence deliverability, importance of subject lines and more.

If there is anything you need to pay attention to, it is the fact that "a whopping 70% of people who visit your website, will never return again unless you get them on your email list". If you are looking at opportunity lost, let that settle in, and listen in as Erik shares a whole lot more.

Erik also continues to leverage his experience in marketing and is the creator and lead instructor for the No. 1-nationally ranked online certification course in digital marketing for the University of Vermont. Understanding fundamental digital marketing channels are so important to be aware of for business, marketing and startups.

4 Things That Influence Email Delivery

Deliverability has 4 main parts, or 4 main influences as it relates to getting to the inbox.   If your emails are consistently getting into the Google spam filter or promotions tab, these 4 main influences deal with this.  If you are going to send out emails, you want to ensure you are taking the steps to ensure delivery, so you can enjoy the full value of email marketing.

Erik discusses the blame game marketers play if their email does not get delivered, or ends up in the spam filter. He says you need to look at each one of the 4 influences, what the marketer can control. He talks about what marketers are saying to get people to sign up and what they are promising their subscriber, but can you do a better job of wording to get the subscriber to engage?

He explains why it is very important to choose the right email service provider that understands the importance of deliverability and care about who is signing up to their platform,  plus how they treat spam and follow best practices.  Erik also explains how the Internet service provide plays a role as well, where they watch the email trends of the marketer, which also impacts delivery. Lastly he talks about the role of the subscriber and are they being conditioned properly to accept and respond to the emails and what you can do to improve their receiving your emails.

Driving Affiliate Sales with Email Marketing

Erik has worked with both big brand retailers as well as online digital marketers and email marketing falls within the top 5 things that they consider important. But too many people do not put a priority on building their email list and Erik shares how easy it is to do this, and how beneficial and profitable it is to have an email list. He explains that people think it is a complex thing with many moving parts, that requires coding, but in reality, within 10 minutes you can have a form or landing page created and send out a basic "get to know you" email so people learn more about you, and you can build on that to start diving affiliate sales with email marketing.

Erik shares the #1 marketing strategy that affiliates and business owners must have in place to increase their chances of success.   They also share of the myths about email marketing, and the newsworthy rules from GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Subscriber Appreciation

Look at emails as a long term play, where you organically grow your list by providing value to your subscribers. Erik emphasized the importance for affiliates to build relationships with both the subscriber as well as the merchant, as it is the strength of these relationships that grow a successful list and partnership.  He shares some really great tips on what your subject line needs to say to build interest and curiosity, and get subscribers to open them.

Erik also shares the AWeber affiliate program, and how they pay 30% for the lifetime of the account that you refer.

Listen to Learn:

  • How to get your email list started
  • Why you should never buy an email list
  • Driving affiliate sales with email marketing
  • The 4 steps to making sure your email hits the inbox
  • What to look for from your email service provider
  • The GDPR compliant management of emails
  • How to build a relationship and set the right expectations
  • How to write a great subject line that gets emails opened
  • Why AWeber pays for the lifetime of a customer

James wrapped up the discussion of driving affiliate sales with email marketing with an invitation to listeners wanting to develop a lifestyle business to take advantage of his FREE Discovery Call. James also invited you to Subscribe to the Affiliate Buzz on our website, on iTunes, and on our new YouTube Channel to be alerted to new episodes.


James shared a number of his favorite AWeber postings and a course in this episode.


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