AB #394 | An Elance Fail, Computer Blow-Up, and a Timely Breakation

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, host and Instructor of the Affiliate Marketers BootCamp, James Martell and wife Arlene share about some unnecessary Elance headaches, an unfortunate computer malfunction, and a timely breakation.

Remedying an Elance Headache

James kicks off the episode by discussing a recent headache with Elance, an outsourcing provider where he and Arlene have successfully completed over 1300 work orders. Elance's escrow program offers a safety net against losing money, but as James found out it's not a guarantee.

While Arlene was in the hospital, which you can read about in episode #390, linked in the References section below, James hired a couple of virtual assistants (VA's) on an hourly basis to help keep things running.

Despite putting the job on hold, one of the hourly candidates submitted time sheets for busywork outside the scope of the job description. When James realized he was paying the contractor for doing nothing, he disputed the time sheets.

James learned that unless you dispute the timesheet right away, Elance will expect you to pay the money, and feels Elance made an error due to the amount of written communication that the work was not supposed to be underway yet. Chalk it up to an Elance fail and lesson learned.

Elance's Transition to Upwork

James goes on to say that as much as the situation annoyed him, Elance is still his go-to for outsourcing. The company, after merging with oDesk, is facing a big change as their entire platform is changing to Upwork.

One worry James had was about the feedback he and his contractors have left for each other over the past several years. Elance assured him that everything transitions to the new Upwork site and all he has to do is log in with his Elance user name and password.

When James and Arlene first started with Elance, they had access to several hundred thousand freelance contractors. That number grew over the years, but the migration to Upwork gives them access to more than 10 million service providers - almost one-third of the population of Canada!

James and Arlene will talk more about Elance's transition to Upwork in Affiliate Buzz #397, linked in the References section below.

Backing Up Data Before a Computer Crash

After a break, James relays how during a recording using Screencast-O-Matic, an affordable program comparable to high-end tools like Camtasia, when his computer went down. The situation caused James to worry about his hard drive filled with family photos, data related to business, and so forth.

Fortunately James uses a service that backs the important files from your computer to a space in the cloud that offers bank-level security. When James logged into the Backblaze website, he was able to restore the programs.

Backblaze also allows you to move data from one machine to another, such as when you get a new computer. You can learn more about it, or sign up for the reasonably priced service using this link http://jamesmartell.wpengine.com/backblaze through James's website.

A Breakation and How to Maximize Affiliate Knowledge

Now that things are back on track after an eventful summer, James and Arlene are planning a breakation planned to visit their grandkids. During the podcast discuss what technology they plan to take so they can knock out some work during nap time.

James built a website for a friend who owns White Rock Sea Tours, which offers tours of the area on a completely refurbished 27-foot former U.S. Navy vessel. The site, http://www.whiterockseatours.com/ has a sliding photo gallery with the company logo embedded in the top right corner.

When developing the logo, James purchased the image of an anchor from Graphic River and then had a service provider from Elance create something based on the website owner's sketch.

James reminds that as affiliates, you can take what you learned by setting up your own website and use it to provide these services for friends and family who need websites.

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