AB #475 | Matt Frary, Disrupts the Affiliate Ecosystem By Bringing Large-Scale Affiliates Under One Roof

In this edition of Affiliate Buzz, join James Martell and Matt Frary as they talk about Matt’s announcement on how he’s disrupting the Affiliate Ecosystem by bringing large-scale affiliates all under One Roof, thereby increasing the negotiating power with multinational brands. Matt always seems to be on the leading edge, always having something new in the pipeline. This time he’s here to talk about his purchase of Elite Media Partners, a monetization agency from Brook Schaaf.

Elite Media Partners

Matt Frary is the Founder and CEO for Smarter Chaos.com and SheIsMedia.com and is a national expert on brand management and customer acquisition. SmarterChaos.com develops customer acquisition marketing programs designed to drive sales and increase ROI while SheIsMedia.com is an affiliate marketing resource for female bloggers.

Matt and his team started to realize that, in the affiliate marketing world there are these large sources of traffic which show up just about in every affiliate program and there's around twenty affiliates that really are a big part of the ecosystem of anybody's affiliate program. These generally do not have professional sales forces like an e-Bay does, and they are having to go out there and do their own business development, representing themselves to the merchants. In this context, Matt wanted to launch a world-class affiliate representation agency to represent these best affiliates out there that are underrepresented and to bring them to the merchants and make that perfect pairing almost like the match.com of affiliate marketing. Such a thing might be happening the first time ever in the Affiliate Marketing world.

Challenges of Large Scale Affiliates When Dealing With Multinational Brands

In the affiliate world, top players are always going to be the big guns like Retail Me Not, E-Bay and others. These are the types of affiliates that have the majority of the share of interest from advertisers and because they also have the marketing dollars in place. They have almost endless pockets to be able to put a sales team on top of going to these advertisers and getting higher payouts, special coupons, and placement deals in special categories and also getting them to pay for advertorials, newsletter drops, solo emails and things like that.

Now, if the average affiliate coming in said, 'Hey, I wanted to build a Coupon Loyalty site or a Content site', will they be able to battle these very multi-national giants? But, what if these players are all brought to aggregate as a team? What if they too can start negotiating higher commissions, special coupons, and placements from these advertisers? Such a thing is simply not possible if they want to go all alone individually. And this is the vision and mission of the team at Elite Media Partners, to make it possible for these average affiliates negotiate better deals, almost in comparison to the big players.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Some of the challenges affiliates are facing when dealing with multinational brands
  • Benefits for affiliates for being with Elite Media Partners
  • All the readings that would attract someone who want to work with Elite Media partners
  • Steps taken by Elite Media partners when someone reaches out to them
  • How aggregating large-scale affiliates would increase the negotiating power with multinational brands
  • Large website traffic, busy work in front of their machines; does it necessarily mean equal great negotiating skills?
  • What are all the things that you need as an affiliate to be successful with advertisement programs




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