AB #458 | How to Skyrocket Email Open Rates with SendPulse, the Next Generation Email Marketing Platform

In this week's edition of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell meets up with Roy Weissman, VP of Sales for SendPulse, to talk about how this email marketing platform is using new technology to drive open rates.

SendPulse is an email marketing service designed specifically with open rates in mind. They know that getting your list subscribers to open your emails is the difference between them just being a name and their being an asset. Roy explains to James three of the key features of SendPulse: state-of-the-art customization tools that help you either start building an email list, or nurture an existing one.

Email Marketing - Is the Money in the List?

How much are you spending to advertise? For every click you get, that click costs you money. But if you can retain those customers, you can continue to reach them for much less. Roy and James discuss the concepts of reach and frequency: if you reach enough of an audience with enough frequency, then they’ll buy. Paying per click for reach and frequency adds up quickly, but when you’re talking about email marketing subscribers on a list, the cost goes down to practically nothing.

Once you’ve got subscribers on a list, how do you get them to convert? It starts with driving the open rate: in order to convert, subscribers must open, then click, and then commit to buy. Roy explains to James why open rates are so important to SendPulse, and how their technology helps drive them.

Three BIG Features

Every day, over 200 billion emails are sent, but barely 20% of them ever get opened. How can you ensure that your marketing emails are in that 20%? The answer is customization. Customers who have used SendPulse software have seen an increase in open rates of over 44%. Roy explains to James three of the key features of SendPulse (affiliate link) that let you tailor your communications to exactly the right people in your list: resend, personalized sending, and triggered emails.

The SendPulse email marketing platform doesn’t just do e-mails though; they also handle web push notifications and SMS integration through the same interface – and for free if you’re an email customer. James and Roy discuss what these two systems are, how they’re different from emails or social media, and how they too can be customized using SendPulse.

Here’s What You’ll Hear

  • Why an email list is less expensive and more efficient than pay-per-click
  • Why reach and frequency are keys to conversion
  • How SendPulse uses advanced customization to help focus email activity on the right parts of your list
  • Why resending your emails is a quick win for open rates
  • How personalized sending can ensure your subscribers always get emails at the right time for them
  • Using triggered emails to target your subscribers interests
  • How to get started with web push notifications
  • Why you should consider SMS another communication channel for your list
  • How to get started with a FREE SendPulse account


For more about SendPulse, and to take advantage of the special offers visit a link below:


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