AB #491 | Growing from First Employee to Owner & CEO with Stephanie Harris, PartnerCentric

In the episode of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell talks to Stephanie Harris, owner & CEO of PartnerCentric, and today we are going to be talking with Stephanie about how her company embraces employing a remote team, and their recent 2018 Pinnacle Award; OPM/Agency of the Year presented at Affiliate Summit West.

Stephanie talks about her start in the industry as a college intern for Scholastic in 2003. She thought she would go into book publishing, but was placed in the “software” division where she embarked on her summer project, launching their affiliate programs! As time went on, she wore many hats in the affiliate marketing space, and learned all aspects of the business, and by 2017 became the owner and CEO of Partnercentric.

Building a Trend Setting Successful Remote Team

The power of employing a remote team that all work from home is becoming a popular working model. Inc magazine claims "One-Third of Employees Will Be Working From Home in 10 Years." Following this trend has made it imperative to have checks and balances in place, and made them conscientious about communication and focus. They offer a flexible work environment and a family first approach. Stephanie claims "people that work from home actually get more done and the team is more intentional about what work needs to be done".

Remote Teams Best Practices

How productive can you be working remotely was a big question. Because of technology, the team has deliberate and intentional communication and can easily collaberate on projects through video conferencing, screen sharing, and often meet face to face as well through regional meetups. There is accountability for the work done each week, and dedicated deep work time and sharing the learning to increase productivity.

OPM/Agency of the Year 2018 from Affiliate Summit

Stephanie says the award meant so much as she was being recognized by her peers. As an agency she is able to build virtual relationships and give her clients the advantage of having account managers who have built a community where they can share their knowledge base and opportunities. You get collective knowledge so your opportunity is unique and efficient.

Check Out These Affiliate Programs

Stephanie shares a few of her favorite affiliate programs which are looking to do more innovative work. She shares what products they have to offer and talks about the advantage of going with an Agency vs. an in-house merchant. A few of their clients include Bluehost, Capital One, Constant Contact, Surefit and Yelp. She welcomes affiliates to come and check out the programs available to market.

In This Episode You Learn:

  • Managing a remote team that all work from home
  • Why Inc Magazine views working remotely as the new trend
  • Guidelines for working remotely
  • How to have work / life balance
  • Some favorite affiliate programs
  • Advantages to going through an agency



Partnercentric Affiliate Programs

Inc Magazine article about working remotely


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