Affiliate Buzz #257 – Using Social Media to Grow Your Traffic with Stephanie Lichtenstein

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz audio newsletter James talks with Stephanie Lichtenstein, the President and founder of about growing traffic, building brand and grabbing attention with social media.

As a webmaster competing in today's online industry there's more to ranking than backlinks. Social media has become a huge factor in how search engines assess a sites popularity and trustworthiness but many are still babies in the social media world and unfamiliar with it all works.

Stephanie, a social media expert, offers a detailed explanation of exactly what social media is, the role it plays in your online promotion and how to know what you need to do to take a leading edge with some real know how.

She begins by discussing the different networks and how they operate, the types of attention they attract and how to determine which media outlet you want to focus your business efforts on.

But it's not all about choosing the networks but how you implement them into your efforts as well. Stephanie shares tips and strategies for getting social in an effective manner that brings results.

Covered in this edition:

  • Social media for site promotion
  • Choosing the right networks to join
  • Tips for managing social media effectively

With the growing popularity of social media it's important to not only understand the value in site promotion but how to utilize the media networks as well. Listen in to this edition of the Buzz for powerful tips and strategies from social media guru Stephanie Lichetenstein.

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