Affiliate Buzz #210 – Affiliate Adventure Travel – FREE Internet Start Page Helped Make It Happen!

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz audio newsletter James Martell, successful publisher, speaker and author and his wife and co-host Arlene Martell talk with Jonathan and Carrie Kraft from about one secret weapon that can make your dreams come true!

Two weeks ago Jonathan and Carrie joined the Buzz as they discussed their affiliate successes and how they have been touring the world. Many listeners were impressed with their story but few thought it could be a reality for them. This edition of the Buzz brings this successful traveling couple back on the call to share the secret weapon that took them across the globe.

Jonathan talks about a conference he had attended a few years back where he was able to listen to Mark Victor Hanson talk about the importance of a top 100 list and successfully meeting your goals. He shares that this session was so moving that he stayed afterwards to take the challenge of writing out his top 100 goals, which included traveling the world. But the goals remained in his notebook, waiting to be viewed.

Fast forward to 2006 Jonathan shares how he attended Affiliate Summit and listened to James speak about his Start Page and putting our goals in front of us every day and it clicked, that top 100 list needed to get out of his notebook and right in front of him and so began his journey of seeing his goals daily!

James talks about a powerful tool he offers free of charge to those who are serious about getting their goals in front of them at This robust software allows users to create a free Internet start page that puts their goals in front of them with ease, assisting in achieving goals like never before.

Listen to this edition to learn about:

  • The top 100 list
  • Importance of setting goals
  • Keeping your goals in front of you always
  • - FREE Internet Start Page
  • The secret weapon for online success

It's no secret that setting goals is vital to succeeding at anything. Without goals we are easily distracted and may fall short at getting things done. Jonathan shares that setting the goals is only half of the job and that having them in your face makes all the difference.

And if you are...

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  1. Bunzlauer says:

    and many greats from Germany. i searched for affiliate and SEO podcasts and found this amazing site. Will definitely check out the other episodes. Very interesting podcast! i especially like this travel stuff...



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