AB #496 | Top 10 Most FAQs About Cryptocurrency—Answered by Joel Comm

In this edition of the Affiliate Buzz, James Martell chats with Joel Comm, host of the Bad Crypto Podcast, who talks about all things Cryptocurrency, and answers the top 10 most frequently asked questions about this emerging form of currency.

What is Cryptocurrency and Blockchain?

Joel talks about cryptocurrency in its simplest form - it is digital money. They are digital assets, crypographic in nature, which means the transactions are secure and verifiable through Blockchain. He talks about Bitcoin, the oldest and original digital currency, and how the news frensy exploded the bitcoin sales. He discusses where the Blockchain technology is going that underpins how crypocurrencies work. Joel says we are on the cusp of a boom ready to take place.

The Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cryptocurrency

Joel shares throughout the podcast, all the questions most people will need to know about Bitcoin. He shares how a transaction actually works, the complexity of it and how the transaction is verified. He talks about the visibility and transparency of the transactions to create a ledger that works and is indisputable.

Where and How To Buy Cryptocurrency

Joel talks about how the Government is reacting to decentralized money and what their concerns are. He talks about how companies are raising money in a legitimate way and other scams that have surfaced. He discusses the process of how we actually buy bitcoin and how we accept the 4 most popular forms of crypocurrency. He discusses the tools and apps that are available now and how within 10 years, we will be doing transactions in a way where we will not even think about it. He talks about places to buy it and how to get started, and insight into the "investing' side and where you can go to begin to figure it out.

Listen to learn:

  • What is crypocurrency and Blockchain
  • How we buy and accept cryptocurrency
  • Why the Bad Crypto Podcast gets upwards of 400,000 downloads per month
  • The top 10 most frequently asked questions about cryptocurrency
  • Why the technology is so revolutionary that it is going to disrupt the way we do most things (financial transactions and contracts)
  • Why it is not just about buying Bitcoin for profit
  • What Blockchain can be programmed to do
  • How the complexity and verification process during a transaction actual works
  • How it works when our current system of transactions doesn't
  • How the value is determined
  • How the Government is reacting to decentralized money
  • Why it is a fertile soil for scams in some cases
  • How the laws of supply and demand kick in
  • Where to buy it and get started


BadCryptoPodcast.com - host Joel Comm and Travis Wright - Information and Entertainment, great guests
Book: The Blockchain Revolution by Don Tapscott - about how Blockchain is going to change the world
Coinbase.com - a place to do transactions
Badco.in/coinbase - A place to buy and get $10 free

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  1. Stephen Martin says:

    Hi Joel, nice thoughts. Also interesting to wonder about the next evolution in cryptocurrencies with some countries issuing their own cryptocurrencies and others are banning them.


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