AB #427 | A Fresh Website Design with the an Emphasis on Building and Influencing an Audience

Welcome to another edition of The Affiliate Buzz, where affiliate marketers have been coming to be inspired, informed and motivated to succeed since 2003. Arlene is away this week, but James has recently been working to revamp a client’s website with a fresh website design. He’ll share the insight he’s had about how websites have changed over the years, what things remain essential and what things to let go.

Andy had started his website years ago to share some of the tips he had learned for managing his allergies. He works with three premium merchants, marketing products that are a perfect fit for his content and has set a goal to earn around $1,500 - $2,000 per month from affiliate sales. However, that’s not the only, or even the main goal of the website. The primary goal is to promote Andy’s eBook, which has been formatted as a PDF, as a mobi file and as an audiobook.

Being an author automatically makes you an expert. And since the goal of a website is have the audience know, like and trust you, establishing credibility is important. But that opt-in also serves to build your list, and as James reminds us, most sales don’t come from a visit to your website. Instead they come from a click on a link in an email. Your auto-respond email system is the core of your funnel. So how long should that program last? Well, James has one the lasts for more than four years.

The More Things Change…

When James sat down to update Andy’s website, the former site seemed so… 2005. He realized that things had changed enough in the affiliate marketing world to warrant a complete overhaul of the website, not just a few tweaks. However, the old cliché remains true. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Content is still king and the goal of your website is still to influence your visitors. The whole idea is to build an audience that knows and trusts you, so that when they’re ready to make a purchase they’ll be willing to take you up on your recommendations. So James and Andy set out to create a site that would:

  • Build an email list
  • Build an audience
  • Position Andy as an expert in the field
  • Drive traffic from Google, Facebook and Facebook paid ads
  • Drive traffic from real media
  • Distribute Andy’s eBook
  • Feed into an auto-respond email follow-up series
  • Have a fail-proof system for adding weekly articles and weekly podcasts

Get ‘er Done

There are things you can count on; death, taxes and the fact that the Affiliate Buzz will be recorded every Thursday. In fact in, James and Arlene have only missed 12 episodes in the nearly 13 years that they’ve been doing the show. What’s the secret to their consistency? Having a system. For James and Arlene, that system is anchored in using the online project management tool Basecamp. Basecamp includes templates for their show outlines, a place to communicate with all of the freelancers they outsource to and triggers that auto-update their accounts on social media. Basically, James just has to do one thing – show up.

Check it out!

To see the new website that James and Andy came up with, go to http://allergyaircare.com

And to hear more about how and why James and Arlene use Basecamp to systemize the Affiliate Buzz, check out episodes #338, #350 and #406.


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