Affiliate Buzz #266 – Google AdSense In Your City

In this edition of Affiliate Buzz, James and Arlene Martell chat with Sarah Bundy about the Google Adsense in Your City event. After attending the event recently in Vancouver, they each found that they came away with new insights about using Google Adsense.

Sarah is the founder and CEO of All Inclusive Marketing. She has won several industry awards, and is a regular contributor to several industry publications. Her blog,, was recently chosen as one of the top 25 affiliate marketing blogs at Affiliate Summit.

Google Adsense in Your City - Insight for Novices and Experts Alike

James notes that the event exceeded his expectations when it came to the depth of what was covered. Sarah agrees, stating that as an Adsense novice, she learned a great deal.

Some of the topics, she says, were a little over her head. Even people who were already experienced with Google Adsense, she mentions, were taking a ton of notes. The event seems to be a good fit for those across a broad range of expertise levels.

Arlene, who tends to handle the content creation side of the business, agrees that some of the terms used and topics covered were suited to those more experienced with Adsense. She mentions the 1-on-1 sessions offered at the event in which attendees could have their website critiqued, which were particularly useful for the more novice attendee.

Highlighting some of what they learned at the event, the three talk about some of the topics covered. James states that he appreciated the practical coverage on placing ads. He shares some tips gleaned from the event, including:

  • Which ad sizes perform the best
  • Ad placement tips
  • How color usage affects ad performance
  • New insight on what not to do when placing Adsense ads

Also discussed is DoubleClick for Advertisers, a free service that can be used to streamline your ad management. Sarah highlights the benefits:

  • consolidate ad management across different networks
  • schedule campaigns to run only during promotions
  • geographic targeting
  • in-depth reporting on ad performance

Affiliate Marketers Give Back - Supporting Causes that Matter

Sarah also talks about her event, Affiliate Marketers Give Back. The brand was originally created by Missy Ward and has contributed to a number of charities that support breast cancer research and treatment. As Sarah explains, she wanted to find a way to not only support worthwhile causes, but also to alleviate some of the bad press surrounding affiliate marketing.

Thanks to Sarah’s efforts, the organization has now branched out to provide aid to single mothers. At the first event, hosted in Sarah’s home, over 800 items of food, clothing, shoes, toys and other goods were gathered by attendees. Arlene recalls the exceptional quality of the donations, highlighting the significant difference basic items can make in the lives of single moms and their families.

The future looks bright for more events; Sarah looks forward to seeing the impact events over multiple cities could have.

Sarah concludes the discussion by sharing some information about All Inclusive Marketing, a full service affiliate management company. The AIM Group provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Affiliate marketing management
  • Search engine marketing management
  • Web design
  • Social media management
  • and more!

She also talks about their partner company, Affiliate Management Trainers, which provides affiliate management training for internet retailers.


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